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Best WiFi Extender For Netgear Nighthawk

Netgear Nighthawk Wifi Extender

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a rock-solid signal in the office and home environment? But, unluckily, most people don’t have a router with solid broadcasting signal capability. If you’re a Netgear Nighthawk user and wish to get a strong signal for your router, you need to ensure the best wifi extender for Netgear Nighthawk.

The wifi extenders will transmit the amplified signal in the air and enhance the original signal capture to transmit strength afterward. Here, we will describe 5 top-notch Netgear WiFi extender reviews with their setup procedure. So that you can choose the right one for you and set it alone. Let’s jump into the main discussion

Top 5 Wifi Extender Compatible With Netgear nighthawk

Are you searching for the best wifi extender for Netgear nighthawk? Confused about which one to choose? Here is our top list for you. Just go through and pick the best one.

  • Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Extender EX5000 – Best Overall
  • NETGEAR EX7300 – Best For High Bandwidth
  • Netgear WiFi Extender EX7000 – Best For Smart Technology
  • Netgear extender EX7700 – Best For Maximum Device
  • Valoin WiFi Extender – Best For Maximum Coverage

Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Extender EX5000 – Best Overall

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If you want your wifi extender to discrete its wall-plug design to extend the router’s range, the Netgear EX5000 will be the best option for you. You can set up this extender within 5 minutes by pressing one button.

It will cover up to 1500 square feet of space and connect 25 devices. The range of data transmission speed of ex5000 is 1200mbps. You can use the extender safely as it has a WEP wireless security protocol. 

Finally, it is completely fit to adjust with the router from any brand with full reliability. That’s why you don’t have to think about your current router brand and purchase a new one. So purchasing this best Netgear wifi extender will not be a bad idea.

NETGEAR EX7300 – Best For High Bandwidth

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Do you want to ensure seamless wifi in your room by penetrating the concrete wall? Then you can choose the Netgear ex7300 WI-FI extender and extend your network coverage up to 2300 square feet.

Luckily, the company designed this extender with 4 internal antennas to extend network coverage up to 10000 square feet. It will also provide the AC access point with MU-MIMO to stream 40 multiple devices.  

Its fast-land technology is available to maximize your bandwidth usage with its 2200mbps speed. Furthermore, you can easily install it using your mobile devices. So, when you have this extender, you can easily boost your existing wifi to the extreme point. 

Netgear WiFi Extender EX7000 – Best For Smart Technology

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Heading to boost your smart devices with the Netgear wifi extender? Well, the Netgear wifi Extender EX7000 is the top range extender with its capability to deliver you up to 1900 Mbps extreme dual-band wifi.

It has a high power amplifier to provide the 700mw to enable maximum wifi performance. Having this extender will never limit you to any specific router, and you can efficiently deal with gaming and HD video streaming.

Besides, it can cover 2100 square feet with dual-band 2.4 and 5GHz and connect 35 devices. In addition, its operating temperature will vary from 32° to 140°F. So, your will get your best reach here! 

Netgear extender EX7700 – Best For Maximum Device

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The Netgear EX7700 is our next choice that will ensure your smart roaming through its mesh technology. Yet, it will allow you to extend your network indoor and outdoor. It will connect a maximum of 45 devices and cover 2300 square feet. It will provide maximum speed with the help of its Tri-Band technology.

You can go for heavy-duty 4k streaming and downloading with 2200 Mbps transmission speed. The push-button setup procedure made it applicable for all your home corners.

Consequently, browsing the internet from anywhere around the home is relatively trouble-free. So, give your home wifi an excellent boost with it.

Valoin WiFi Extender – Best For Maximum Coverage

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The Valoin wifi Extender will support you with 1200mbps maximum transmission speed router mode. You can cover up to 30 devices through 3000 square feet spaces with this budget-friendly extender. It is also a high-powered extender with multiple functionality aptitudes.

However, it supports the wifi frequency for 2.4GHz with a 300Mbps transmission and 5.8GHz with an 867Mbps transmission rate. You’ll get 4 additional and high-powered antennas with it that will help you to get a fast, reliable, and stronger connection. It has an excellent design with the LED signal indicator to create a new network in AP mode.

Its signal has the utmost compatibility to adjust with the standard of a wifi router. So, no chance to skip this superb Netgear nighthawk wifi extender. 

How To Set-up Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Extender?

You can easily set up your Netgear Nighthawk by following some simple steps. Let’s see the steps

Step-1: Plug-In

Initially, you’ve to plug in the extender and press the power button to turn it on/off.

Step-2: Connect Your Device

This time you need to connect your mobile/ computer to the wifi network of the extender. But, for the first time, it will show you “No Connection.” Although, you have to keep it connected.

Step-3: Admin Credential

Now, it will require you to choose your Netgear wifi extender’s admin, which means admin credentials. And that admin credentials will give access to the web browsers.

Step-4: Set Security Questions

After that, set two security questions. So that if you forget your password, you can find it easily by answering those questions.

Step-5: Select the Network Name and Password

Choose the network with 2.4GHz or 5GHz. It will decide the SSID.  Now, you have to enter the password of your existing network. 

Step-6: Connect the Devices

Now, go to the web browser and choose the checkbox. Then tap on “Continue.” Your Netgear extender is now ready to extend the network coverage.


Does Netgear Nighthawk work with WiFi extender?

Yes, it does Because the Nighthawk router uses the same set of channels as your WiFi extender so they can interfere with each other. If you still want to connect them together, you will experience the connection problems such as slow speed and unstable connections. So we suggest that you turn off one or both devices when using them together.

Netgear Nighthawk uses 5GHz frequency only and it supports 802.11ac standard for better performance than Wifi extender and there is no need to worry about interference. So we recommend that you just connect Nighthawk directly to your PC or laptop for a stable connection. However, there are some things you will need to make sure of before you set up the extender.

Can any WiFi extender work with NETGEAR?

Not all. In fact, you can check the manual of your extender for compatibility with NETGEAR router because some extenders have been designed for certain Wifi routers only. You can visit websites such as amazon or Netgear’s official website to find a list of devices that are compatible with NETGEAR router and choose one from there.

How far does the Netgear WiFi Extender reach?

It depends on the extender model. The WiFi range of the Extender is between 10 to 30 feet. Some extenders have dual-band features so they could connect different devices with different bandwidth needs using 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands at the same time. This would help you to get better throughput for your device.

The Dual-band feature helps to extend your wireless range, provides you with a fast connection for streaming, gaming, and surfing the web. The WiFi extender should be placed in a central location of your home or office to receive maximum incoming connections from your router.

How do I change the WiFi password on my Netgear wifi extender?

First, open the web browser on your phone or PC and visit the extender management URL, then you need to sign in with a username and password that is created during installation. Once logged into the admin control panel, you can change or reset the lock passcode for security reasons.

Do WiFi extenders increase speed?

Yes, they do the main purpose of using WiFi extender is to increase or amplify your existing network signal strength. You can achieve faster speeds by adding more devices on your WiFi network without affecting the bandwidth speed of other users.

Netgear wifi repeater has internal antennas that are used to send and receive signals from your router so if you want to get a faster and stable WiFi connection in the basement you need to place the extender in a central location where you use your devices most often.

But if you still experience slow speed for some devices, it means that your Internet could be throttled due to congestion on the network or distance from your service provider. Getting more than 1 WiFi extender is not going to fix your problem.


A wifi extender keeps a significant role in increasing the network coverage at your home or office. If you’re a user of the Nighthawk router, you must want a superior wifi network for your entire home/workplace. In this case, you ought to go for the best wifi extender for Netgear nighthawk.

No matter what existing system you have, You’ll get the right wifi extender for you from our list. Just choose one, and expand your network.