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How to Improve WiFi Signal Upstairs: 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

improve wifi signal upstairs

We can’t sit beside the router and browse the internet all day; we need to move from here to there, sometimes upstairs or downstairs. For this reason, we need to know how to improve the WiFi signal upstairs. Today we will learn about the best ways to boost our router signal for a multi-story house. Those tricks are applicable to a big house also.

There are a few effective ways to get rid of those poor connections, no connection, less speed, and some other wifi issues. We will try to solve the issues by sharing a few amazing ideas, which could save you from buying more wifi routers or more internet connections. We have discussed the five best ways to boost your internet speed. This will help you to get a stable wifi connection at the dead-end of your house. It could be upstairs or downstairs.

What’s The Meaning of Wifi Signal Strength?

Suppose you are presenting your monthly report to your boss. There is chaos on the floor, so you need to move upstairs to get a safe corner. But sadly, you are far away from your router and the signal is poor. You got disconnected from the internet connection in the middle of the presentation. That means your wifi signal strength is weak.

This indicates a reliable and stable connection. With a poor connection, you may miss online classes and offices. You could miss your gaming session as well. To get rid of unnecessary buffering and get the proper connection, you need a proper wifi signal upstairs or downstairs. Sometimes, we need a stable wifi signal on the same floor as well. Due to a few issues, wifi signal strength drops. According to research, WiFi signal strength is between -55 dBm and -70 dBm.

What are the reasons for cutting out wifi from upstairs?

Your connection will drop the farther you move from the router. You will face issues like no connection, unstable connection, and buffering. There are various reasons for this poor connection. The main reason is, obviously, the distance from the router. Another reason could be that you do not have a powerful router, or a proper internet connection, or that you are using too many devices at once.

Incorrect router and a poor internet connection:

If your internet connection has not improved or if your router is outdated, you will face this issue. Normally, a router can cover up to a certain area.

Using too many devices

A router has limitations. If you use too many devices at a time, the signal strength will be low, and the signal will be dropped at any time.


If there is the biggest furniture, like a micro oven or cable connection beside the router, your signal will not reach the upstairs or even the downstairs.

Insufficient Security

Sometimes, a router can cover a large area, like upstairs. But if a few other people hack the router and use devices, the signal will not reach the place you need to use it.


If you want your 2-antenna wifi router to give you the same signal 1 km away, you are wrong. Just like a circle, you may think of the router as the center and the signal as the radius. The connection will be just inside the circle.

How to boost the wifi signal upstairs?

Even if you are looking for a solution to get a proper connection signal upstairs, you are in the right place. We will discuss several ways to boost your internet speed and get a stable connection. Those ways are not hard to follow, We are pretty sure our tips and tricks to boost your internet speed will help you get a lag-free connection upstairs, downstairs, or on the same floor as well.

A good router and a good connection:

The main point is to have a good quality router and a good internet connection. If you do not have those, you can give up getting connected to the upstairs. Buy a powerful router with a good range of coverage. Take a good internet connection with good speed.

Use a router repeater:

If you have a huge space, to double your coverage area, choose a router extender to extend the stable internet connection. So, you can get a reliable WiFi signal upstairs. Keep the repeater in a place where the signal can cover more areas.

Use fixed numbers of devices:

Even if you can multitask at a time, you also have a limit. You may do 2 or 3 jobs together. Just like the most powerful router also has a limitation. If you want to get a proper speed and a stable connection, do not use too many devices. Do not overload the connection.

Increase the security

Sometimes, due to security issues, your router may get hacked. Your neighbors may use your WiFi secretly. So, you need to use a strong password and check how many devices are connected.

Check the location and surroundings 

Where your router is located is also a variable in getting a proper connection. Try to keep the router in the middle of your house, or a place from where it can emit signals equally. If there is a microwave oven, cable connection, or something that transmits signals beside your router, it will reduce the signal. So, keep your router in a safe zone. Do not keep it on the ground floor. Along with those, keep your router away from anything that has metals like iron rods or copper wire.


We have described the 5 best ways to boost your internet speed and how to improve the WiFi signal upstairs. Those are pretty common and effective solutions people can easily follow. We came to know how to improve the WiFi signal upstairs. Before following the tips, we need to know where the problem lies. If your router has issues, you can’t use the repeater. Check your connection and device and follow the rules to get improved wifi signals. If you are facing issues like poor internet connection, you need to learn from your mistakes. And you can solve the issues by yourself.

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