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About Us

compatible gear

Hola, I am Jax Thor, the CEO of Compatible Gear, an American entrepreneur who has been fascinated by technology since childhood. I grew up with computers and found them to be the most interesting thing in the world.

That’s why It’s my mission to help people solve their complex tech product issues- and I love it!

Born in a small town, I was always curious about how things work. As soon as I could get my hands on one, I would take apart electronics so that they were no longer working. When I started making money at an early age from various investments, I decided to start this company because there are many complex issues with technology products that need solving.

Who says you can’t have fun while doing what you love? Whether you need help creating an app or understanding how to use your new tech product, Jax can solve it for you! I have always been fascinated by technology and loves playing with different devices in my free time. I also have a knack for writing in-depth articles on the latest technological trends so don’t hesitate to check out my work!