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Best Wifi Extender For Smart TVs – Boost Your Internet For Flawless Streaming

Modern technology has advanced to the point where we can now control our TVs, lights, air conditioners, and even our fridge from our smartphones or just by commanding it with our voices. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. In such a technologically advanced era individuals are interested in modern tech.

Smart televisions are just an awesome art of modern technology. And operating a smart TV is not what you are thinking. Smart TVs need a strong internet connection which requires a good Wifi network. But sometimes your router is so far from the tv that the network fails to reach the TV. This is where an Extender can help you out without changing the position of your Router or TV.

The extender is a device that pairs with a WiFi router and modem and helps expand your existing Wi-Fi network when your primary router can’t cover the entire house or the office. But the question is which Extender is going to work the best with your tv? If you have the same question in your mind just keep reading.

7 WiFi Extenders For Smart TV

Best Extender For Smart TVs

ScreenBeam Desktop TV WiFi Extender

The ScreenBeam Desktop WiFi Extender uses a direct connection with your wireless router to give you fast WiFi all over your home. Easy setup and reliable, this extender delivers a powerful signal up to 2,500 sq ft – no wires required. Backed by the Amped Wireless Lifetime Warranty and Industry Leading Customer Service.

Stable Connection: The ScreenBeam Desktop WiFi Extender is perfect for wireless connectivity around your home without the hassle of running long wires. Its advanced features like beamforming, beam tracking, high-power radio amplifiers, and intelligent roaming maximize link performance for stable video streaming, online gameplay, or fast file downloads.

Beamforming: Intelligently extends your WiFi connection and improves it with an even more powerful signal and the freedom to roam throughout your home without dead spots. This is not just a repeating device on both sides of the link! Beamforming creates a new high-powered wireless network that’s unique to your devices.

Beam Tracking & Unlocking: Ensures the fastest possible connection by automatically switching between 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz stations as you move around.

Performance: Links up to 1 Gbps for faster downloads and streaming. Also supports 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi devices at speeds ranging from 54 Mbps to 450 Mbps. Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee and the Amped Wireless Lifetime Warranty and Industry Leading Customer Service

Security: Connect with high-security WPA2 encryption and guest network access.

Easy Setup: Just plug in the extender, and follow a few simple steps to get your extended WiFi network up and running.

Coverage: Extend a powerful dual-band WiFi signal from your wireless router or modem up to 2,500 square feet for reliable high-speed internet throughout your home. You can also utilize this to extend wireless Internet access to things like doorbells and cameras, cell phones, tablets, and wireless gaming consoles.

Connectivity: Backhaul links all Extender units wirelessly to your WiFi network. Backhaul ensures reliable wired or wireless connectivity between multiple broadband sources so you can use the ScreenBeam in multi-story homes or offices with more than one internet access point.

Compatibility: Supports existing and new 802.11ac WiFi devices on all bands including older 2.4 GHz devices. Wi-Fi standards 802.11 b/g/n with speeds up to 450 Mbps and backward compatible with wireless 802.11 a / g / n devices at speeds ranging from 54 Mbps to 300 Mbps

Smart TV Connectivity: Stream your favorite content directly on your Smart HDTV without wires using the Screen Beam Smart TV adapter. Connects directly to any HDMI port on TVs with a USB C or D port. It helps to prevent lag while streaming internet content on OTP platforms like PRIME, YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu.

Flexibility: Use it with your existing router or modem. Also acts as a wireless bridge for connecting wired devices like Blu-ray players, game consoles, and smart TVs to your wireless network from anywhere in the home

Consumer Reviews: I am an internet guy. I have had extender stuff for years. It’s always worked very well, and the support is good if you know how to use it. The new ScreenbeamWi-Fi range extender took me less than 3 minutes to set up, and my wireless signal is now both faster and more steady than it was with my previous Linksys range extender.

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX6120


The NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender boosts your existing network range, delivering AC dual band WiFi up to 1200 Mbps. Advanced features like Smart LED signal lights and one-touch connection make installation easy, while the choice of using an Ethernet cable or Powerline adaptor for a wired connection gives you flexibility.

Speed: The EX6120 is a true dual-band WiFi range extender that delivers AC1200 WiFi speed – up to 867 Mbps on the 5  GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. That’s 33% faster than previous-generation NETGEAR WiFi range extenders (EX3800).

Design: The compact wall-plug design can be plugged into any electrical outlet without blocking other outlets, while its advanced features offer flexible installation options for maximum convenience.

Connectivity: Use the Ethernet port to connect a wired device like Smart TV, game console (ps5), or streaming player for an instant WiFi boost. Or use Powerline to connect directly from your existing home electrical system.

Security: The NETGEAR genie app has an intuitive interface that lets you customize advanced features, parental controls, and guest networks, all with the push of a button.

Coverage: The EX6120 WiFi range extender delivers WiFi up to 1500 square feet and supports as many as 25 simultaneous users.

Consumer Reviews: Great Internet boost for my smart TV – I have a huge house, so it helps to cover all of the downstairs. I bought this because I couldn’t get a good enough wifi signal in the basement of my house. The NETGEAR EX6120 is compact yet sturdy, and it works! My husband installed it quickly (he is very tech-savvy), and once turned on, we were able to stream videos on our smart tv without any problems!


The TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender is one of the best WiFi boosters out there. It is easy to install and provides great coverage. The speeds are very good once connected to the extender.

Extend WiFi coverage: Another great feature of the TP-Link AX1500 is its efficient range. It wirelessly extends 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi coverage up to 1500 square feet, ensuring that your devices have a faster and stronger connection to the Internet.

Compatible with all smart TV: Another important feature is that this wifi extender has been tested to work flawlessly with almost every modern television. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are tired of their TVs’ poor WiFi performance.

Dual-band WiFi: The AX1500 employs the latest standard in wireless connectivity, 802.11ac. It supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, meaning that you can enjoy faster streaming speeds on your devices without interruptions or interference.

AP Mode: The best part is that the AX1500 can also be used as an access point. It is not just one of the best wifi extenders, but it actually has multiple uses for your convenience.

OneMesh: Another reason why this is considered to be one of the best extenders out there is that it’s compatible with TP-Link’s oneMesh. This means once the smart device is connected to the extender, it can be easily shared with any other device on your WiFi network. No need to disconnect and then connect again just because you want to switch devices!

Consumer Reviews: Best WiFi Extender for Smart TV, Unpacking, and Installation of the TP-Link AX1500 was a breeze, and I had no problems getting it up and running. Once I plugged in the extender and downloaded the free “Kasa app“, the setup was easy.

1) The TP-Link provides a great range of wifi connections on my smart tv.

2) I love the fact that it has a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports on its back panel, so I can get a wired internet connection for my PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

3) The TP-Link also works as an access point or wireless extender, which is great because I don’t need to buy two separate devices in order to get the features I need.

4) The signal strength is fantastic, and I can stream HD movies without having any issues with buffering or losing my connection.

5) It also looks quite sleek when mounted on the wall, so I don’t have any issues with it looking unprofessional.

BrosTrend USB WiFi Adapter

Different smart TVs have different compatibilities. For example, while some Smart TVs allow installing apps like Netflix or YouTube directly on their platform, many others do not. BrosTrend USB WiFi adapter can be used to connect your TV to the internet offering you great multimedia storage and streaming services.

As long as the device is connected to an HDTV that has an HDMI port, you can easily access the internet and download all your favorite multimedia files. This is not the only advantage of using this adapter though; it also has amazing speeds which allow you to surf the web in HD quality or even stream videos online in 4K or UHD resolution.

BrosTrend USB WiFi Adapter is the best wifi adapter for smart tv. It’s better than other adapters, because of dual-band 5dbi antennas. Being used on Samsung smart TV. Had to buy one after I tried out my friend’s BrosTrend 1200Mbps Long Range USB Wifi Adapter.


We all like to watch films or TV on our smart TV, but what happens when the wifi signal isn’t good enough? The product I will be reviewing is the TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Extender. This extender can boost your WiFi range for your connected devices. It has the advantage of being an Ax1800 access point with an added ethernet port.

Speed: The AX1500 speed rating indicates that it is the best wifi booster to go for if you are looking for maximum speeds. The dual-band technology allows for faster streaming of data and video through your WiFi connection, whether that’s on your smart TV or other devices connected to the extender.

Fast setup: One of the key reasons why many people love this wifi extender is the ease of installation. It comes with a simple setup wizard that gets you connected in no time. The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to get up and running within minutes, eliminating the need for manuals or complicated instructions.

Consumer Reviews: The TP-Link is a simple wifi 6 extender that works straight out of the box with no need for additional credentials or installation. ‘I have had better results when using this in my living room where I have a normal WiFi signal. It’s very easy to use, most home appliances with wifi capability are able to connect to this without any hassle’.

NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7000


The NETGEAR AC1900 WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing network range, delivering AC dual band WiFi up to 1.9 Gbps and combined wireless speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps across all devices. It works with any standard WiFi router and is ideal for HD video streaming and gaming.

Coverage: It can cover up to 2100 sq. ft (200 square meters) with strong WiFi signals.

Speed: It increases your existing wireless speed up to 1.9 Gbps, delivering AC1900 speeds (N300 + AC1733).

Device Support: Can support up to 35 devices simultaneously.

WiFi Security: Provides secure and reliable connectivity with sophisticated encryption technology.

WiFi-Band: It divides the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth into 3 for better performance so that you can game or stream in HD without lag.

Easy Setup: Just plug it to power, connect with your modem and then press the WPS button on both devices (it comes with one-touch WPS). You can customize your WiFi through the NETGEAR genie app.

Mesh Technology: The EX7000 can be set up as an extender or access point using Mesh technology so that you can place it anywhere in the house for maximum performance.

Remote Management: You can access, control and monitor your home network anytime, anywhere with the Genie app on mobile devices.

Consumer Reviews: It has a solid 5GHz connection that does not slow down nearly as much as the other wifi products. It is small and compact, yet powerful enough to provide a strong WiFi signal to my entire house.

NETGEAR AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter


The NETGEAR AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter for Desktop PC allows you to connect your desktop computer to a wireless AC network for an ultra-fast wired or wireless network connection. With this adapter installed, you can easily add reliable high-speed wireless connectivity to your desktop PC when it is inconvenient or not possible to run an Ethernet cable from your router or modem to your computer.

It can deliver speeds up to 1300 Mbps (5GHz) and up to 600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) of wireless data, enabling you to connect more devices on your network with less congestion. It supports multiple operating systems, allowing you to use it with Windows or Mac computers.

While I was very skeptical about the product, it actually did connect to my Windows 10 computer quickly and easily. It allows for transfer speeds up to 1900 Mbps, and has made my streaming lag-free and enjoyable.


How do I connect my wifi extender to my TV?

Once you successfully install your wifi extender connect your tv with the extender through an Ethernet cable. Then turn on the TV and go to the main menu with the help of remote control. when the menu appears on the screen select the Network option and then press Ok. Your TV will search for the available Wi-Fi networks nearby now find your extender’s Wi-Fi network from the shown list of networks. Confirm the selection and enter the password of your Wi-Fi extender on the respective field. Confirm your password by pressing the OK button. Finally, after entering the network password for the extender, select the Connect option. And the process ends here.

How do I increase the Internet speed on my TV?

There are a plethora of things that can affect the strength of a wireless broadband signal, Like your device, is not getting enough bandwidth or the router being placed so far from the tv that the network is not reaching out to the tv, There may be applications running background on your device which is heavy bandwidth consuming. Make sure you close all the apps that you are not using. If you still need a boost just connect your router and TV via ethernet cable because plugging your device directly into your Wifi router via an ethernet cable can significantly boost the speed of the internet or you can use a Powerline Adapter which is known to be an excellent booster for the wireless broadband signal. But if the issue is with your broadband connection then all these methods won’t work. The best option for this situation is to switch your Broadband Providers.

How do I make my TV stop buffering?

If you are experiencing buffering on your smart tv, you may have a weak or unstable connection to the internet. Follow these simple steps below to solve the issue,

  • Firstly, check your internet connection, and make sure you are connected to the network.
  • Now check your internet speed, if you find it slower than usual or not working, Restart your home network. However, if this doesn’t work either change your internet connection to an improved wifi signal. If that doesn’t help, then the issue might be different.
  • If the problem is not with the connection turn off your tv and unplug it from the power for at least a minute
  • Now press and hold the power button on the TV for 5 seconds to discharge it. But if your tv doesn’t have a power button just keep the tv unplugged for 3 minutes.
  • And plug your tv back, turn it on. And that might start working perfectly fine.

How far should the router be from the TV?

Router signals can interfere with television, but only if they share the same space with each other.

Can I use a router as a TV antenna?

A home WiFi connection is capable of sharing signals from a TV antenna to networked devices wirelessly. This eliminates some of the need for cables and cable splitters, though it will require some specialized equipment (read: an external tuner or set-top box) attached to your wireless router. The basic way in which a wireless TV router functions is by broadcasting a television signal through radio waves or similar methods. These routers typically have an input connection that can be plugged into a cable box or similar receiver, allowing the router to receive a signal from that box.


We picked the most compatible extenders for your smart television. We consider Screen Beam Desktop WiFi Extender as the best among all of these extenders for your tv because this extender is designed to give you fast WiFi all over your home. Easy to set up in addition to a strong and reliable wireless signal that delivers a powerful signal up to 2,500 sq ft and requires no wires.

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