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Home » Hisense Roku TV not connecting to WiFi – How To Fix[2022]

Hisense Roku TV not connecting to WiFi – How To Fix[2022]

Classical TV is very rare these days, with smart TV being replaced by it. Unfortunately, the famous smart TV brands like Hisense and Roku TV do not connect to wifi, which is one of the more irritating issues.

The other issues could be sound and picture tube errors, circuit errors, power settings, and others. Today we will talk about why Hisense TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi frequently.

This problem really makes us angry while enjoying our free time. The reasons behind the problem are: password, router error, network settings, firmware settings error, and sensor error.

Let us explain in more detail. Hisense is not picking up WiFi due to a password error. If your internet connection is malfunctioning, check your router position as well. Moreover, your TV’s software and firmware may be outdated. But those problems are minor until the router burns out or malfunctions. By refreshing the wifi password and changing the router position, you can solve the issue.

Solution to the Hinsense Roku TV’s not connecting to WiFi:

We have discussed the reason for not connecting to wifi. It is not easy to change the TV, but you can resolve the issue by following a few simple rules.

Check Your Wifi connection

As wifi is not connecting, your duty is to check the router and wifi connection. Your router could be damaged, your ISP provider could be interrupted, and the internet couldn’t reach the TV. So, check the internet speed and stability.

If the router is too far away from the TV, try to bring it nearer to your TV. Check your wifi settings using your app or mobile device.If you haven’t blocked or limited your connection, reset the connection. Change the ISP provider if they fail to provide the promised internet connection.

Reconnect and reset Hisense and the router

If your TV is not receiving the signal from your router, delete the existing connection. Next, try to reconnect the same connection. As this problem is not so big, just a simple reconnect can solve the internet connectivity error.

Due to overuse, it may lag or fail to connect to the internet. Or sometimes, it could be buffering.

Just reset the wifi router and the settings of the TV. Moreover, check the router settings to see if the dual-band is turned on or not. Mostly, 5GHz worked perfectly. If you turn on the dual-band, it will work better.

Factory reset

One of the biggest solutions to the connectivity error is a factory reset. Just fully reset your TV. It could be done manually or remotely. Except for the wifi error, the other minor problems could be solved by a factory reset.

Go to the settings. You will find the required option followed by If you reset the TV, it will remove all the existing settings, but it will solve the issue. After being reset, your TV will perform like a new one. You need to reset all the settings, like wifi settings and channel settings.

Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

Update firmware

If you have been using TV for a long time and haven’t updated the related firmware, it will hamper your wifi connection. So, you should update it. This updated firmware will resolve the internet issues, along with other minor or major problems.

How you could update

  • Visit the ROKU Software page to download the relevant firmware update software for your model. Be careful if you are downloading the correct software and not a virus.
  • Transfer the file to the pen drive or to a portable hard disk. You should check if the pendrive is malfunctioned or not. Check if there is a virus or not.
  • Insert the pendrive into the TV. Check if it is getting access to the pendrive. Run scanning if the function is available. A virus could damage your TV.
  • Turn on the TV, go to the home page. Select the settings and system update options. If it is not showing any options, go to the flash drive or USB drive option.
  • Next, you will receive a 12-digit code, which you need to enter on the ROKU website. Here you will get a 6 digit code. You need to re-enter the new one for the TV. This is the way to connect to the wifi. After this, the software will start updating.
  • It will take a while to reinstall. After reinstalling, the TV will reboot. Take a break after rebooting.
  • It’s a fresh start. Now reconnect the wifi from the beginning.

Password error

As we need to control and input the password through the remote, mistakenly we could input the wrong password. So check the password again. Just go to the wifi settings and delete the existing wifi connection. Next, search for a wifi network and carefully retype the password. The problem is solved now.

Aside from those, checking the circuit, using the direct cable, disabling the ping, checking the power cable, and checking the sensor should be enough to solve your problem. If the wifi sensor is not fully damaged, you can solve the issue of not connecting to wifi.

If the sensor or receiver is damaged, you can get expert help. The customer care support system is very fast and helpful. You can talk with them if those problems mentioned above cannot be solved by the above solutions.

Disable Internet Pings

  1. Press & Hold the Home button for 5 sec
  2. Press the fast-forward button and the rewind button once.
  3. Menu screen Will appear
  4. Select the System Operations.
  5. Now select Disable Network Pings
  6. Next go back to the home screen
  7. Reboot your Hisense Tv
  8. Now after turn on the problem will be solved


Just like the smart phone, the smart TV is one of our best companions. But smart TVs like Sony TV, TCL TV, and Hisense Roku TV are not connecting to WiFi, which is one of the problems everyone could face. Due to router error, factory reset error, or password error, you may face the issue. By changing the wifi router or provider, and performing a reboot, you can solve the problem so easily. If you are facing these issues, solve them immediately. After reconnecting the wifi, enjoy your movies, dramas, and favorite songs.