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List of Netgear Router That supports Netgear nighthawk app [2022]

supported Router nighthawk app

Managing a router with an app has made the setup so easy that nowadays it hardly took a few seconds to configure a new wireless router. The same thing goes for Netgear router users, but unfortunately, not all of the models of Netgear routers support the nighthawk app.

Below we have gathered a list of supporting router and cable modem models to save your pretty much time from becoming a delusional techie. By following this official list below (which is provided by the Netgear community), you can understand which model of Netgear router supports the advanced nighthawk app.

Models Of Netgear Router That Supports Nighthawk App

Supported RouterCoverageSpeed
Netgear RAX10Medium Homes1.8 Gbps
Netgear RAX15Medium Homes1.8 Gbps
Netgear RAX20Medium to large homes1.8 Gbps
Netgear RAX35Small Home600 Mbps
Netgear RAX401500 sq. Ft.3 Gbps
Netgear RAX452500 sq ft1 Gbps
Netgear RAX482500 sq ft1 Gbps
Netgear RAX502500 sq ft5.4 Gbps
Netgear RAX75Large home5.7 Gbps
Netgear RAX802500 sq ft6 Gbps
Netgear RAX120Very large home6 Gbps
Netgear RAX200Very large home10.8 Gbps
Netgear AC2100Medium Home2.1 Gbps
Netgear AC24002500 sq ft2.5 Gbps
Netgear AC26002600 sq ft2.6 Gbps
Netgear R6020Medium Home750 Mbps
Netgear R60801000 sq ft1 Gbps
Netgear R61201200 sq ft1.2 Gbps
Netgear R62201200 sq ft1.2 Gbps
Netgear R6250Large home1.6 Gbps
Netgear R6250v2Small home1.3 Gbps
Netgear R62601600 sq ft1.6 Gbps
Netgear R62301200 sq ft1.2 Gbps
Netgear R63301600 sq ft1.6 Gbps
Netgear R6350Large Home1.75 Gbps
Netgear R64001750 sq ft1.75 Gbps
Netgear R6400v21700 sq ft1.7 Gbps
Netgear R67001500 sq ft1.75 Gbps
Netgear R6700v21500 sq ft1.7 Gbps
Netgear R6700v31500 sq ft1.7 Gbps
Netgear R6800Large Home1.9 Gbps
Netgear R6850Medium Home2 Gbps
Netgear R6900Medium Home1.9 Gbps
Netgear R6900PLarge Home1.9 Gbps
Netgear R6900v2Large Home1.9 Gbps
Netgear R7000Large Home1.9 Gbps
Netgear R7000pLarge Home2 Gbps
Netgear R7000sMedium To Large Home1.8 Gbps
Netgear R7250Very Large Home2.53 Gbps
Netgear R73502500 sq. ft2.4 Gbps
Netgear R7400Large Home2.6 Gbps
Netgear R74502500 sq ft2.6 Gbps
Netgear R7500v2Medium Home1.73 Gbps
Netgear R7800Large Home2.53 Gbps
Netgear R78503000 sq ft3 Gbps
Netgear R7900Large Home3000 Mbps
Netgear R7900PLarge Home3 Gbps
Netgear R7960PLarge Home2.8 Gbps
Netgear R8000Large Home3.2 Gbps
Netgear R8000PLarge Home3.2 Gbps
Netgear R8300Very Large Home5.4 Gbps
Netgear R8500Large Home5.3 Gbps
Netgear R8900Very Large Home7.2 Gbps
Netgear R9000Very Large Home5.4 Gbps
Netgear RS4002000 sq ft2300 Mbps
Netgear XR300Medium Home1.75 Gbps
Netgear XR450Large Home2.4 Gbps
Netgear XR500 Large Home 3 Gbps
Netgear XR700 Large Home  3.5 Gbps
Netgear XR1000 Extra-large House 5 Gbps

List Of Netgear Cable Modem That Supports Nighthawk App

Cable Modem ModelMinimum Firmware Version
Netgear C3700v21.02.02
Netgear C62201.02.01
Netgear C62301.01.08
Netgear C62501.02.01
Netgear C6300v21.03.06
Netgear C7000v21.03.01
Netgear C7100V2.01.43
Netgear C78006.01.07
Netgear CAX301.4.9.4
Netgear CAX80RG


The router of the Netgear Nighthawk series is compatible with the Nighthawk app and anyone can get that thing just by knowing the name. But the problem occurs for the majority of users who are using different types of wireless Netgear routers, they also want to enjoy the advanced nighthawk app with their router to control all types of functions easily without visiting the Netgear website which is full of complex user interface. That’s why we have made this tiny accurate list to help you get rid of any unnecessary extravagance

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