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How to set up your time capsule as a Wireless Extender?

apple time capsule setup as a extender

Do you need to extend your wireless network? If so, then you’re in luck because Apple makes a product that is perfect for the job. The Time Capsule is an external hard drive with wireless capabilities. It can be set up as a power-line or Wi-Fi extender, and it even allows you to back up all of your computers wirelessly! In this blog post, we’ll go over 10 steps on how to set up your Time Capsule as a router and get more out of it!

8 Steps To Set Up Your Time Capsule As A Wireless Extender

  • First step is to connect your Time Capsule to your DSL or cable modem via Ethernet cable
  • The next step is to plug the time capsule in and turn it on, then open up “System Preferences” on all of your connected computers. You will need the IP address, subnet mask, router address (usually 192.168 .0 .xxx), as well as a user name and password for the time capsule.
  • Configure Wi-Fi settings
  • You are done configuring the new wireless connection, all that is left to do now is configure it for use! Go ahead and open up “System Preferences” on all of your connected computers once again. This time you will see a list of networks
  • Select the wireless network that is not your Time Capsule and select “edit.”
  • Remove old wireless network
  • Once you have selected edit, click on the blue arrow next to the name of your current connection. You will be given a list of configurations for this connection; go ahead and delete all information in these fields except the SSID field.
  • Now go ahead and select “OK” on all of your computers, then try reconnecting to the wireless network. You should now be connected to your Time Capsule! If not, run through the steps again carefully.

Can I use two Time Capsules to extend my router?

Yes, you can! First, make sure that your Time Capsule is plugged in and turned on. Next, open up “System Preferences,” and select the “Network” tab. Select the Wi-Fi option from this list of connections; then click on “+.” If it does not appear automatically, simply press command+N to create a new network.

Once you have created the new wireless connection, select it and click on “Advanced.” From here go ahead and delete all information except for SSID; then press okay until you reach the previous window. You will now see two different Wi-Fi networks listed with your Time Capsule as their router! Try connecting to either one of them.

What else can you do with an Apple Time Capsule?

Apple Time Capsules make great wireless routers. Not only can you back up your computers wirelessly, but they also allow for wired connections too! An Apple Time Capsule is easy to set up and use; it will work with any operating system that supports USB. They can even be used as a power-line extender if the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach all of your devices (just connect via Ethernet cable).

However, we recommend using them as wireless routers because most people have more than one device these days and they’re perfect for an office environment or large home! You could even go ahead and purchase another time capsule in order to extend the first one’s range further. If not then no worries because simply plugging in another extender will work just as well.

If you’re interested in a Time Capsule for any reason, feel free to reach out and contact us here at Amazon! They have great deals on refurbished products that are guaranteed to be fully functional or they will replace them. If you’d like more information about this blog post please do not hesitate to let us know!

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