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How to setup linksys extender?

how to Setup Linksys WiFi Extender

If you are unsure and discomfort about your router’s wifi signal strength, you may be in need of a wifi extender. Linksys is one of the main manufacturers of any product linked to wireless extenders, making the process easy to set up and straightforward to maintain. If you wish to install Linksys extender, go through this article below.

Linksys extender setup pre-requirements

Linksys Wifi range extender is compatible with almost every wireless router or access point and the connection is hard to reach. if you want to setup Linksys range extender manually, these are a must to do essentials;

  • The extender should be turned on.
  • Provide all the essential existing wireless router’s wireless settings i.e. SSID or wireless network name, password/security key, and wireless channel.
  • The factory settings must be restored on your Wifi range extender.
  • There should be access to a working internet connection.

Manual Method to setup Linksys Extender-

These steps you must follow to setup Linksys extender manually;

  • Bring the computer or laptop as close as possible to the range extender.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the PC with the extender.
  • After that, Plug the range extender and computer into an electrical outlet.
  • Open a browser and type in the URL bar.
  • A login page will come on the screen of your PC then enter the credentials to log in.
  • Type the network name (SSID) of your existing router in the required fields after the basic extender Linksys setup screen appears.
  • elect the manual option then turn off the extender for a little time and then turn on your wireless range extender accurately.

WPS Method to setup Linksys Extender-

There are two ways of setting up a Wifi extender using WPS (WiFi protected setup). There are two ways to set up Linksys either you can use the physical WPS button on the extender or log in to the web-based extender Linksys. setup page and choose one of three given options,

Using WPS Button 

  • Insert the range extender into an electrical outlet
  • Press the WPS button on your extender.
  • Check the WPS LED on your range extender that will show the status of your extender when you press the button for a while the LED light’s color will change into the green which refers that the WiFi extender setup is successfully done.

Using the web-based WPS Button 

There are three options you can use of them,

WPS Button: Click the wireless WPS button to log into Linksys. Click Enable after pressing the WPS on your device to start the setup process.

WPS PIN: If your device includes a WPS PIN, place that pin number in the second field on the extender setup page and you’re done.

Router’s PIN: When it asks for the PIN, put that number in field 3 of your Linksys setup page. The WPS is known to stay on when the WiFi extender setup has been successfully completed.

In case you have any trouble while setting up the extender, just reset your extender to factory settings and try again or take help from an expert technician.

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How to setup Linksys Range extender in Access point mode? 

It’s better to set up your Linksys WiFI range extender in the access point mode if you want an excellent WiFi speed with minimal dropping connection or loss of performance.

The Linksys range extenders you can set up in Access point mode are,

  • Linksys RE7350 Max-Stream™ WiFi 6 Range Extender
  • Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream™ AC1900+ WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6800 AC1750 WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6700 AC1200 AMPLIFY Dual-Band WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6500 AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6500HG AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6400 AC1200 BOOST EX WiFi Extender
  • Linksys RE6300 AC750 BOOST WiFi Extender

Before you start the setup process, please ensure:

  • A working wifi connection 
  • your wifi name and security key or password.
  • A long ethernet cable to connect your Linksys to the wireless router.

As soon as you have all these things, go for the following guidelines to set up your Linksys extender as an access point:

  • Plug your Linksys extender into a power socket and turn it on. and wait until the light starts blinking.
  • Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the extender and another one into the wireless router. You have to wait till the light turns green (depending on which model you are using).
  • Connect a mobile or pc wirelessly with your range extender’s default SSID, Which is Linksys extender setup – *** ( *** represents the last three characters of your range extender’s MAC address if you are using specific Linksys extenders like RE6300, RE6400, or RE6700, which you can find in the back label of the extender) 
  • Launch a web browser and enter in the search bar and navigate the setup web page., in case it doesn’t load just look up your extender’s IP address in the DHCP client table.
  • Once you find the page click on the start setup button then again click on a wired range extender (Access point) option. then create a unique WiFi name that will be broadcasted, create a password then click next.
  • You must have an admin WiFi network password for the Linksys range extender and then hit the save button.
  • If you want updates and other information to have an improved experience enter the email address then click next or just click skip.
  • Check wifi connectivity after extender.linksys.setup 
  • Suppose you want to check the Linksys extender’s Wi-Fi connectivity. You can execute ping commands, but since the extender must be readily available on the network list, you will have to ensure it has been configured and listed beforehand.
  • Open the command prompt and enter the IP address of your Linksys range extender and press the enter key.
  • In case it indicates data transmissions or disconnected the possible reason is the firmware of the extender could be outdated. in this situation, the only solution is to update your Linksys extender’s firmware to the latest version.
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Do you know how To Configuration this?

After your setup is done you must change the setup as per your needs. It is best for you to configure it because using the default setting is bad for your Wifi network. for configuration just follow these simple steps;

  • Turn on your wireless range extender.
  • Access a web browser and go to the extender setup page. 
  • put the username and password in the respected places and hit the login button.
  • go to the basic setting option and find the extended wireless settings you wish to change for your network setup.
  • Input your wireless network name and password in their respective fields for extender.linksys.setup page.
  • There is an advance setting option where you can change the settings as you want like channel width, security mode, SSID broadcast, and a lot more. And if your extender supports dual-band, change extended wireless settings for the 5GHz network with the same method mentioned before.
  • To make your setting changes effective click on the save button.

And this is how you can change the settings perfectly after the setup.