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Home » Ubiquiti Access Point Setup Guide [2022]

Ubiquiti Access Point Setup Guide [2022]

Ubiquiti Access Point Setup Guide [2022]

The UniFi APs are enterprise-class access points that can be used in medium or large businesses. They are completely configurable through the controller software, available either as an online hosted control panel, or can be installed on-site.

The UniFi is designed to be simple to install and manage without requiring specialized training. Installation is as simple as plugging the device into power and connecting it to your network using the bundled ethernet cable.

If you brought a Ubiquiti access point recently and wondering about how to set up your Ubiquiti access point then follow our steps to proceed further

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How do you set up a Ubiquiti access point With Control Software?

We have divided the configuration process into 4 steps and by following each step you can easily set up your newly purchased Ubiquiti access point

  1. Connect Your access point
  2. Use PoE
  3. Install software
  4. Setup the access point

Step 1: Connect Your Access Point

It is very simple to set up an access point. Just use the network cable to connect your device with the Ubiquiti access point and plug it into a power source which will automatically turn on the device.

Step 2: Use PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Ubiquiti devices have provided a POE option along with a normal power supply which means you don’t have to use a separate power supply for your access point you can simply use the POE option to provide power.

Connect the network cable to a switch or router with Power over Ethernet.

Since the Ubiquiti access point supports different variants of PoE such as 802.1af, 802.1at, and 24V passive, that’s the reason a compatible router or switch is necessary for this setup.

Finally, Connect the network cord to your access point.

Step 3: Install Control Software

To install the software you need to download it from the Ubiquiti official website and then run the .exe file which will automatically get installed after this installation process starts on your device and it will take some time to complete this process successfully. Look at the following to know the details:

  1. Open the software when it has finished downloading.
  2. Install it by following the details
  3. The controller software will begin to run in the background after installation, and a pop-up box will appear informing you of this.
  4. Next, you’ll find a link to the configuration page in the bottom right corner. To configure the Ubiquiti access point, click that link.

Step 4: Setup the access point

Now setup your Ubiquiti access point by entering your network name and password in the fields that are available to proceed further just click on the finish button which is present at the bottom right corner of your PC screen after this you can use your new device as a wireless access point to connect all other devices. Look at the following for more details:

  1. Select your location & Time, Then click Next
  2. Select the desired Ubiquiti device among the list you want to setup
  3. Now choose an account name and password for the admin account.
  4. On the following screen, you’ll find a summary of the options. If they are correct, click ‘Finish’ to complete the procedure.
  5. Now login by entering your account details
  6. The Ubiquiti access point setup is done and now you can control and customize the setting by using control software

Set up Ubiquiti access point Without Using Control Software

Users hate to keep their PC or mobile running for 24/7 hours because of control software. Then what’s the alternative option? If you don’t want to use the controller software then follow the steps below:

  1. Open your App Store or Play store
  2. Install the Unifi APP
  3. Turn on your Ubiquiti access point, and make sure it’s connected with an ethernet cable to your network.
  4. Is the Ubiquiti ap flashing white light? That means your device is connected successfully
  5. Open the App
  6. The Ubiquiti access point will appear on the list
  7. If not then scan the QR code located behind your ap
  8. Enter username & pass
  9. Enter your Wifi name and password.
  10. Click on Apply and done

What if the setup is failed?

If the installation process fails then you can take help from YouTube or Google (Ubiquiti support). You can visit YouTube which is full of tutorials about Ubiquiti products and if still, installation failed for you then you contact to Ubiquiti support team.

Even though it doesn’t look like a very difficult task but first-time setup users always have a question about how to set up Ubiquiti access points or configure them without using controller software. So, the above article will help you to configure your Ubiquiti access point easily and quickly.

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