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Full List Of Unifi SSH Commands

unifi ssh command

This article will be about ssh commands to help us better manage devices in the UniFi network. By default, all of these commands below can be executed on the head unit only but I found some other commands where I can use them via SSH/CLI which is pretty useful to me so I decided to share this list here…

Unifi SSH Commands

First we have listed below some of the most used Unifi SSD Commands

infoIt Shows device information
set-defaultFactory reset your Unifi device
set-inform the controller’s URL for adoption.
upgrade https://<firmware-url>.binUpgrade The firmware
fwupdate --url https://<firmware-url>.binUpdate Your firmware
rebootReboot Your device
uptimeIt displays device uptime
Unifi SSH Commands

Unifi Log files

Want to debug unifi related problems? Then these following commands are for you:

cat /var/log/messagesOutput the error log
tail -f /var/log/messagesMonitor log file
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/config/settings.yamlServer settings
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/discovery.logDiscovery log file
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/system.logSystem log file
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi/logs/server.logServer log file
cat /mnt/data/unifi-os/unifi-core/logs/errors.logHTTP errors

Unifi OS SSH Commands

When connected to the UDM Pro or another controller that is running Unifi OS, these commands will help you interms of many things such as:

ubnt-systool cputempDisplay CPU Temparature
ubnt-systool cpuloadReveal CPU load
ubnt-systool portstatusShow port status
ubnt-systool hostname <newname>Set a new hostname
ubnt-systool rebootReboot your Unifi device
ubnt-systool reset2defaultsFactory reset
ubnt-device-info summaryShow system report
ubnt-tools ubnt-discoverShow Unifi devices in the network
cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/dnsmasq.leaseDisplay DHCP Leases
cat /mnt/data/udapi-config/unifiShow setup
/etc/init.d/S95unifios restartRestart Unifi OS Web interface

We all know that Unifi devices are great for managing networks, but did you also realize the many useful commands available on them? These two-digit numbers can really help with finding network-related issues.

ifconfigDisplays network interface data
ip address add dev br0Set static IP Address
ip routeIt shows the existing gateway
ip route add default via your default gateway
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.confSet DNS Server
ping network connection to the device
apr -aDisplays arp table
ip neighIt shows IPv6 neighbors

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If you’re looking for a way to make your system more secure, the Unifi devices are an excellent option. These networked appliances run on Linux and most commands available through their controller software should work with them (press Tab twice when prompted for input). However, keep in mind that any changes made directly at the device level will not take effect unless trunking is enabled; otherwise known as tunneling or bridging mode – this can be done via shell access from outside sources like laptops sitting next door!