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What Is The Best Height For Wifi Router?

What Is The Best Height For Wifi Router?

Wifi router needs to be positioned at the perfect height to ensure its peak performance. But what is the best height? Most router experts agree that the best height to mount a wifi router is 5 to 7 feet from the ground. This distance is perfect for the router to evenly emit the essential radio wave throughout the room. 

However, mounting it at this height is not enough. You have to do certain other things to ensure the wifi signal is not interrupted. For example, you have to make sure there isn’t any reflective surface near the router. Want to know more about the best height for a wifi router? Check out the rest of the article below. 

Best Height For Your Wifi Router

TP-Link suggests keeping the router at the same level as your device. They recommend this because a device gets a stronger wireless signal when it’s at the same altitude as the router. 

However, according to different situations, the positioning of the wifi router will greatly vary. 

On The Floor

Though it is not the best practice, you can place the router on the floor if you don’t sleep on a bed or in a high position. However, this is only one way to place the wifi router. You can mount the device up a bit with some books or boxes. Though it won’t make any difference in the performance, your router will be in a better condition for a longer period.

On The Table

It is best to keep the router on the table if you are living in a small house or a studio apartment. 

As I have already mentioned, a device gets the best wifi signals when it is at the same height as the router itself. When you are home, you surely use a device laying down or sitting up, right? Either way, your device will be 1 to 2 feet above the ground. You can place the router on a 1.5 feet table or shelf in this situation. This will ensure the best solution for you.

At The Highest Peak 

It’s simple if you live alone. You can place the router anywhere you want. But if your house is big and there are many people in the house, you have to place the router at a higher position.

Mounting the router at a high position makes sure that its signal reaches all corners. You can place the router on something high such as your refrigerator or wardrobe. In other words, you have to position it at 6 feet high.

However, if you want the router to cover both downstairs and upstairs, you should mount the router near the first floor’s ceiling. On the other hand, if the router is in upstairs, the router should be placed on the floor. This way, your router will have the widest coverage, and the service will reach both homes.

But, as you probably know, you are going to need a 4 antenna router for this type of service.

What if you have people coming over every now and then, but you are alone in the house for most of the time? Mount the router at the highest point in this case as well because it will ensure coverage no matter where or how many people are in your house.


To get the best out of your Wi-Fi router, you need to position it correctly. The most crucial point of positioning the router is its height. Well, the truth is no matter where you put the router, if it has a stable data supply, it will work perfectly. But you will not get the best and strongest internet. This is why to ensure proper coverage, you have to make sure the router is placed at the perfect height. And now you know what the perfect height is for you. It means you are sure to have the best internet connection all the time.

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