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how to boost wifi signal with aluminum foil

How To Boost Wifi Signal With Aluminum Foil

Want to experience faster internet speed without costing a penny? Try the process of how to boost the Wi-Fi signal with aluminum foil. Due to wide outreach  Wi-Fi connections often get disrupted and using any Minion file has been found useful in connecting the network from One Direction to another. This process is totally free of cost and useful at the same time.

4 New ways to boost wifi signal with Aluminium Foil (Step by Step process)

Broadband connections are backdated and Wi-Fi connections are used worldwide. Wi-Fi connections serve a richer, better browsing and a better speed. But the speed of a gets dropped and creates  Hazard in browsing. Here is how you can make a stronger  connection  with aluminum foil:

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to collect the necessary equipment. You will need Aluminium foil glue or tape and a small box.

Step 2: In the box, you will collect to make sure the size of the box fits the size of the router. Moreover, you can go for a d I y box made out of cardboard. Now stick the Aluminium foil into The outer surface of the box

Step 3: Now create a hole in the d I y box so you can place it through the antenna and cover it. if your router has two Antennas make sure the box is big enough and you have made two holes in such a way that it covers both the Antennas. You have to ensure that there is no space remaining in it that is open. And if your router has no antenna cover the whole router with the box. So the idea is to either cover both the Antennas or the whole router itself with a box of wrapped aluminum foil.

Step 4: If you don’t want to go with the box and Aluminium foil you can go for an aluminum can. For this, you need a little bit more hard work. To cut holes just like the box you need a durable pair of Scissors. Process of covering the Antennas on the router just before a full stop in case of covering the whole router make sure your box is big enough. In case of covering the Antennas make sure you have left any aluminum for doing the work. In order to attach it you can use tape to secure the sheet.

So this is the whole process and this will work in no time. It will significantly increase the strength of your Wi-Fi as well as the range. But a downfall is the area behind will not have a speedy range.


So this was all about how to boost the Wi-Fi signal with Aluminium foil. So if you want an instant solution without contacting your service provider this would be the best option to go for. Life without the internet is unimaginable and a slow internet connection makes life miserable. so what are you waiting for, try this process today.