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Xfinity Router Flashing Blue Solved

xfinity router flashing blue issue fixed

Comcast Cable company makes a variety of premium electronic products. Their Xfinity router is in fact one of their popular buildups. It gives you fast connectivity and clearance. However, did you ever notice disturbances like the router flashing blue? If so then we have the answer on how to fix the Xfinity router flashing blue

If your Xfinity Router is constantly flashing blue, you can protect the web connection by reinitializing your adapter or simply plugging in your router to your computer. These methods will undoubtedly reconnect you to the internet. If the problem continues, you can talk to the support center for some solution. 

What does Blue Light mean in Xfinity Router? 

WPS pairing status is shown by the blue light on the Xfinity router. This indicates that the router is attempting to create a connection with a wifi network. Then it switches to a constant white light, signifying a secure link between the gateway as well as another gadget. Nevertheless, if the blue lighting keeps flickering, this means the router is unable to build a steady connection.

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Why is Your Xfinity Router Blinking Blue? 

I am sure you are dying to know how to fix the Xfinity router flashing blue. But hold your horses. Before going to that we need to address the “WHY”. That way you can easily come to a decision. 

Outside Device Intrusion

Starting off, the first thing we’ll need to address is that you will not be receiving the signal strength you require/ So, it will cause your broadcasts to be interrupted. Timing is the main factor. If the blue is flashing for a long time, chances are another device is trying to connect with the router.

On the other hand, the blue light may only stay lit only for a minute or two after starting the Wifi and going away in time.  What does it mean? Well, it’s possible that there isn’t a problem at all. What you are most probably seeing here is the box conducting a little reboot.

Naturally, small lags can be expected between the time you turn on the device and the time you are able to see anything.

Service Provider’s Problem

In some circumstances, the issue arises from the service provider. There could be any problem or disruption at the ISP’s end. This explains why the US/DS signals are flickering. It is vital that you check whether or not the service provider has booked any services. You will find any info about a routine maintenance service on your service agency’s website.

Loose Wiring 

Most often we neglect this factor but the thing here is that this one actually a  primary cause of your router flashing blue. You should always check the wiring when you see any sort of problem in the router.  Make sure all the cables are securely connected to the broadband and are placed properly. Each wire needs to be put in the correct slots. A tenuously connected wire, for example, can sometimes hamper your connection to the internet. 

Damaged Splitter

A splitter is used by most wifi routers or internet access outlets.  Now, what does this splitter do?  This is equipment that divides a cable transmission amongst two or more devices. 

In the case of a Wifi modem, the splitter distributes the incoming connection into three distinct parts. There is a section that will even link to the television. Then there is a portion that connects to your cellphone, followed by the section that connects to your modem or Wi-Fi. If this splitter becomes defective in any way or fails to operate normally, your connection may stop functioning. And this will make the lights blink blue. 

How to Fix  Xfinity Router Flashing Blue ( Easy Solution) 

Now that we know what may cause the Xfinity to router to act this way, it is time for us to fix this problem. Here I am going to give you some easy solutions.

1st Fix: Plugin Directly 

Like we have said before a defective splitter can mess with the internet connection’s reception. That’s why if you are using a splitter and notice blue flicking you must connect your line straight to the internet gateway. Now check to see if the issue is still there. If it is not then the splitter was that main culprit. 

2nd Fix: Reinstall the Modem

This is the most basic step you can take while trying to resolve the problem. Reinstalling To do that you can follow two  alternatives:

  • Unplug the router’s cable to free up the built-in electricity in the modem. 


  • Keep holding the power button for a few minutes for the router to shut down 

After that, you need to connect the power again. Simply put the power cable back in the socket and that should do. 

Resetting the router should do the trick. But if not then you have to go to Fix 3. 

Fix 3: Contacting the Customer Care

This is the last resort. After trying both the fixes if your problem is still there then you should go for this option. It’s possible that the problem is most likely caused by the termination of the ISPs. For that reso, we would recommend you to get in touch with your internet provider. The team may decide to resolve the issue on their end. However,  if it is more technical and they cannot fix it from their office then the providers may send a  technician to your home or workplace to resolve the issue.


The bottom line is wireless connections won’t always stay stable. That doesn’t mean you will have to immediately purchase a new router or change your cables. Sometimes it is just a signal drop. In a few minutes, it should go back to normal. And in the event it doesn’t, you don’t have to worry about and think about how to fix the Xfinity router flashing blue

Just follow the fixes we mentioned and that should fix your problem. Otherwise, call the technicians. They will know what to do. 

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