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Netgear Extender Showing Red Light Solved!

The Netgear Extender uses a signal amplifier to help extend Wi-Fi coverage. It is meant for devices that are connected via Ethernet cable, but it can also be used wirelessly if your router or another extender is connected to it by Ethernet. When the power LED light remains RED then you will need to take some steps in order to solve this.

A red light means the connection between your wireless router and netgear extender is poor or there is something wrong with that specific channel that is being used to increase the range of the WiFi in your home. Placing the extender in close proximity or resetting it can solve this issue.

The simple steps to fix Netgear Extender Red Light are given below:

Reduce the Distance Between Devices

To fix Netgear Extender Red Light you must reduce the distance between your router and extender. Keep them in the same room or in close proximity to each other.

Change Channels

Change Wireless Channel on your wireless router to solve the issue, you can refer to this article for this process. Once done restart both devices after changing channels. You can also change to a different WiFi band (Mostly Dual Band routers support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz).

Sometimes Netgear extender switches to 5GHz network which can cause shorter distances and result in poor wifi signal. Look at the following to disable the 5GHz network:

  • Login to your existing router.
  • Select > Advanced tab > Setup menu.
  • Click on Wireless Settings.
  • Now disable “Wireless Router Radio” for the 5GHZ network.
  • Click Apply and done

Use Ethernet Cable

Use an Ethernet cable and connect it to an available port on your computer. (You can ignore this step if you are using the extender wirelessly.) Please make sure that both your router and Netgear Extender are plugged in, turned on, and connected to your laptop. Note: Do not turn off your router.

Reset Netgear Extender

You will need to reset Netgear extender by pressing the reset button inside the device for about 20 seconds, if that doesn’t work then disconnect its power supply for one minute and then plug it back into a wall socket.

Update The Firmware

Now access and then click on the Support page and select the product for which you want to download the firmware/software update. Now download a new version of the software from the support website and upload it using an Ethernet Cable. If your extender is working fine now, but the blinking light is still RED then there must be something wrong with the Wi-Fi channel or security settings of the router.

Contact Support

The last solution to fix the red light issue would be to contact the Netgear support team. The company can help you out with this specific problem that you are facing right now. Just you need to call them at their toll-free number and they will analyze your problem and then guide you with a perfect solution to fix this issue. You can also chat online with the support team.


How to Know If My Netgear Extender has fixed?

After following all the above-mentioned solutions you will see that the power LED light of your extender is GREEN. It means it is connected and ready to work with your existing wireless router or another device. Check your wireless signal strength to see if the extender has increased the range of your WiFi network.

Why do WiFi extenders stop working?

If the WiFi extender keeps losing its connection to a router, then it may be because of a few possible reasons.

The first reason is the physical positioning of the device. It’s very common for an extender to have trouble reaching all parts of your home with a strong enough signal – especially if you live in a large house or have a particularly difficult router placement.

The easiest way to check if the positioning is affecting your WiFi range is to first check the devices that are having a bad connection. On your computer or phone, try temporarily disconnecting the WiFi extender and see if reception improves (you can reconnect later to check it isn’t the router’s signal causing the problem).

Do WiFi extenders wear out?

Yes, WiFi extenders do wear out over time. The more traffic, the faster they will wear out.

As with any device that sends and receives radio signals, the WiFi range extender is subject to the laws of physics. The longer a device has been in use, and the more traffic it has been exposed to, the less power it will have.

In practice, this means that a WiFi extender will eventually become so worn out that its coverage area will become limited to only a few feet.


The problem should be fixed by following these steps, if not then depending on the Netgear official support is the final option left for you. That’s it! If you are facing any other problems then you can comment below, we will try our best to solve this for you.

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