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LG TV Not Connecting To Access Point

Multimedia is one of the main benefits of owning a Smart TV. A smart TV can do much more than just play online games or listen to your favorite music.

But, you sometimes see the message “Cannot connect to Access Point” on your LG TV screen. This problem usually occurs when your network connection is bad. There are some tricks to resolve this problem.

If you are having trouble connecting your LG TV to an access point, Here’s what to do.

LG “could not connect to the access point” – What does this mean?

It usually means that there is a connectivity issue with the internet if your LG TV displays this message. To resolve this issue, you can try a few different things.

Often, a TV with an active wireless connection can be reconnected by unplugging and restarting it.

But some problems, require different solutions due to their complexity.

Troubleshooting methods for access points connecting

Reset Your Network Connection

It only takes a few minutes to reset your wireless connection if your LG TV has trouble connecting to the access point.

  • Go to your LG TV’s ‘Network’ settings.
  • To remove the internet connection, click the forget button.
  • Re-scan for available networks now.
  • Put the password into the relevant Wifi network.

You can also try changing your Wifi password to connect your LG TV to the access point.

Reset Your Wifi Router

In the event that your internet goes down, you should reset your router. Resetting your router will reset your connection settings, interrupt malicious attacks on your network, and boot off unwanted devices. To reset Your wifi router,

  • Disconnect your router from all devices.
  • Unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Replace the router after one minute.
  • Once you’ve pressed the reset button for a few seconds.
  • Connect your TV to WiFi again.

Hopefully, this will fix the access point problem. Try the next method if that doesn’t work.

Split Your Wifi

You should check your television manual to see if it is limited to lower bandwidth depending on the type of television you have. You might be able to create two separate wifi connections, one for 2G and one for 5G, each with a different name.

  • The first step is to log into the internet provider’s configuration page.
  • Create two separate networks, 2G and 5G, and name them differently.
  • Using either connection, connect your LG TV.

Connect via WPS PIN

If you have already connected your LG TV to wireless via network name and password, follow these instructions to connect through another method;

  • Connect to your LG TV with Wifi by entering the WPS password.
  • Open your LG TV’s ‘All Settings’ menu, then select the ‘Network’ tab.
  • Select WPS network settings and connect to your LG TV with Wifi.

Set a Guest Wifi Network

The other solution is to set up a guest wireless network and connect your LG TV to it. This is very helpful if your LG TV cannot connect to the access point. Please follow these steps:

  • Click ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ on Google or your specific browser and type the address
  • Select ‘Advanced’ from the router’s admin panel.
  • Choose the ‘Wireless’ option and scroll down until you see “Multiple SSID”.
  • After that, set up the guest wireless network. Give it a name.
  • As the last step, connect the guest network to your LG TV.

Establish an Ethernet cable Connection

In terms of reliability and stability, wired connections always outperform wireless connections. As an additional benefit, your internet speed will increase even further and uninterrupted. An ethernet cable will be needed to connect the router to the TV end to end. Below is a detailed explanation of all the steps.

  • Make sure you have an Ethernet cable
  • An Ethernet cable should be connected to the WiFi router’s LAN port and your LG TV’s LAN port.
  • On your remote, press the Smart button to access the Home Menu.
  • Select Settings, then scroll to the Network option, then click on Network Connection.
  • Select Smart Connection from the menu
  • A network connection will now be automatically established between your TV and the network.

Reset Your LG TV

Turning off your TV completely is the easiest and most popular trick to eliminate Wi-Fi issues. Not only for Wi-Fi issues but whenever your TV acts wired, try the following method:

  • With the remote or the power button, you can turn off your LG TV.
  • The power supply should be unplugged.
  • Let it sit for a while.
  • Turn on the switch after plugging in the power cord again.
  • Use the remote control to turn on the TV.


Any of the solutions listed in this article will certainly help you. However, if your LG TV still doesn’t connect to the access point, there may be some underlying issue. It is possible, but it is extremely rare.) You must find out what the problem is. Connect another device to your router. If it connects, your TV is having a problem. Feel free to leave a comment below if you’re experiencing other issues with your LG TV’s connectivity or consult a technician or contact LG customer support for help.