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Best Wifi Extender for Detached Garage 

Best Wifi Extender For Detached Garadge

The Internet has become an important part of our life. We literally want to have wifi connections everywhere. Even while working in the garage we want to listen to music from our Spotify playlist or watch any tutorial on youtube. For that, you need a strong wifi connection. 

However, if you have a detached garage, your router solely won’t be able to transmit the signal that far. Even if you have the most powerful wifi router, the signal will be somewhat weak. You won’t like a slow net connection right? Only the best wifi extender for detached garage can solve that problem.

Here we will help you to choose the best one.  

Will Wifi Extender Reach my Garage? 

The wifi extender will definitely reach your garage. Initially, you have different options to up your wifi range. You can invest in a second router, move the existing router or even change some configurations. But the truth is none of these options is full proof and will cost you much time and money. 

Wi-Fi extension devices are more successful when it comes to enhancing connectivity in a detached garage. What it does is extend the reach of your main router’s signal by creating a secondary network without compromising the speed. People often call it wifi booster, repeater, or relay. Just get a premium wifi booster for the garage and you are all set. 

5 WiFi Extender For Detached Garage

Best Wifi Extender For Detached Garadge

Guete Signal Booster

This wifi signal booster is one of the best 4 antenna wifi extenders out there. You can get additional 3000 sq feet coverage with it. The booster will produce two separate wifi networks. One is 900 Mbps ( For gaming and streaming) and the second is 300 Mbps (Basic browsing). 

4*2dBi antennas make sure that you get a full coverage network from all sides. What’s more, you won’t face any signal jam due to any solid interference i.e. wall. If you live in a hot or tropical area, this router is a suitable option for you. 

Heat is dissipated via the shell of the Extender. Additionally,  heat thermal dissipation holes are located on both sides of the WIFI booster.


  • 4 powerful antennas.
  • Compatible with maximum devices. 
  • Full coverage network system. 


  • None so far

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Mesh Range Extender

The wifi 6 mesh ranger is another best wifi extender for the garage. You can place it between the garage and your home. No blockage or dead spots will occur. 

With a coverage area of 1500 square feet, the extender is truly an ideal match for a detached garage. As long as you’re using dual-band, the extender will work perfectly with your current WiFi network.  You can use up to 20 plus devices with the network. 

In order to get the most out of your wifi network, you should use mesh technology. FastLaneTM, a proprietary feature of the extender, provides fast internet connectivity. The wired devices can be connected via the Gigabit Ethernet port.


  • Fast internet. 
  • No signal breakage
  • No hassle in the installation process


  • Not enough technical support. 

TP-link is one of the leading router brands out there. AV1000 wireless is their best wifi extender for outdoor garages with its 1000 Mbps speed and easy monitoring features. 

The booster is a wireless one so you can take it anywhere and with one press of the button, you can easily connect it to the wifi signal. The network can breach through walls so you won’t have to think about any speed breakage. 

One gigabit Ethernet port gives a dependable high-speed wired connection for internet-hungry devices i.e, smart tv, game consoles, music system, and others. Moreover, you can connect many devices with it. 

The extender best works with the tp-link router but you can also use it with any other router. 


  • Easily to set up
  • Can manage the extender with the app.
  • Uninterrupted streaming 


  • Signal intensity may drop with distance. 

Amazon eero Mesh WiFi System

If you want a classy wifi booster that you can control with a mobile app then this one is for you. The EERO Mesh gives you a great full-coverage area (5000sq feet). So you can get high-speed internet from anywhere now. 

The product comes with three devices. Put two in your home and one in your garage to enjoy optimum breakage-free, streaming, gaming, and browsing. The speed limit is 350 Mbps. Like all other products on this list of best wifi extenders for detached garage, you will get two wifi connectivity. One is 2.4 GHZ and 5GHZ. 

The product comes with 6 ethernet ports ( 2 ports for each device). Download the Eero app to set and manage the system. 


  • Full house coverage. 
  • Easily manageable through an app. 
  • High speed internet


  • 3 devices sometimes don’t sync with each other. 

Linksys Tri-Band AC3000

The last one on our list is Linksys tri-band AC3000 wifi extender. The booster improves the range of Wifi signal coverage to 10000sq ft. It guarantees that there are no dead zones even if you are operating from the outdoor garage.  

The newest tri-band technology gives three times the speed of any dual-band extender. It is compatible with any Wireless network in your home. It has pretty straightforward instructions. So you can connect it really easily. 

The U-MIMO technology ensures that several gadgets work efficiently even in a separate garage. The extension has a Tri-band frequency receiver (2.4GHz and two 5GHz) that gives a continuous internet service that allows users to roam freely within their houses without losing connectivity.

To ensure complete security, the extension self-updates. These qualities combine to make it one of the best wifi range extenders for garages.


  • Updates itself. 
  • Huge coverage area. 
  • Provide uninterrupted internet service. 


  • Not budget-friendly. 

Buying Guide: Best Wifi Extender For Outdoor Garage Door Opener

Before investing in an extender you need to consider these few facts: 


Who doesn’t want a good product at a lower price? While buying you need to have an extender that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. We have a few good budget-friendly recommendations for it. 


Frankly, you don’t need to check out the manufacturer’s name while buying an extender. However, a good brand gives you longevity, and guarantee and if you ever face any problem with the device you will find the spare parts easily.


Distance is one of the big factors when choosing the wifi signal booster. If your garage is close to your house you would need a router with less coverage area. Whereas, if you have a garage that is a few feet away from your home, you need to prioritize the extender with a huge coverage area. 


How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal to my detached garage?

  • Move the Access Point / Wireless Router closer to the area where a Wi-Fi signal is required.
  • Increase power output of Access Point using a high gain antenna.
  • Use an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection, if possible.
  • You can also extend your Wi-Fi network by creating a second wireless network that acts as a bridge between your house wireless network and the detached garage.

How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal so I can watch movies in my backyard?

The wireless router you are using might give out only around 300 feet (or 90 meters) of range.

  • Place the wireless router closer to where you want to extend your Wi-Fi network.
  • For an outdoor wireless setup, place the wireless router on top of a wall or roof instead of hiding it at ground level. This way, everyone in the backyard will be able to connect to your network.
  • You may also expand your Wi-Fi network by establishing a second wireless network that acts as a link between your home’s wireless network and the outside.

Can I put a Wi-Fi booster in my garage?

Yes, you can. Because only the Wi-Fi router does not have enough range to cover a typical 2 car garage. In fact, you can put a Wi-Fi booster anywhere in your house where there is no physical obstruction. It will easily broadcast the signal to all parts of your garage or even into surrounding areas if need be. You just have to keep in mind that power supply and connectivity should be available for it to work optimally. You can also use a cellular booster that operates on another frequency, such as LTE or 4G-VZW.

Will mesh Wi-Fi reach detached garage?

Mesh Wi-Fi with any of the new tri-band routers will cover a detached garage, but only if it is close enough to one of the nodes. If that node happens to be located in your house and you don’t want to deal with running cables then I recommend trying a mesh with the longest range like Netgear Orbi. If the mesh isn’t an option I would try plugging the extender into a wall outlet and pointing it in the direction of your garage.


Picking out the best wifi extender for detached garage is an important decision. You must invest in one if you have or planning to have a smart garage system. Without it, you won’t get a strong connection so it would be hard for you to operate the smart locks of the garage. 

We have researched, used, and experimented with all the wifi extenders here. So we know what we are talking about here. All our options will give you great benefits here. So you can easily get the one that suits your budget and needs. 

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