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Ring Always Home Cam (Drone!) Reviews

Home is the place our heart resides and also all our valuable goods. We may be able to carry our hearts with us- but not all those goods that we care about.

That is why making sure of home security is a great concern of everyone around the whole world.

This is where ‘Ring Always Home Cam’ buzzes- it is a product of Amazon’s home security company, which is a flying drone that keeps an eye on the property for you.

In a word, it is your own spy in your own home- a blessing of modern science that is working smartly to ensure no intruder gets comfortable in there. 

Ring Always Home Security Flying Camera Features

It was not very long ago that drones came into the market and just changed the whole scenario of surveillance and security. Well, not it is now at work at the home. The RIng Always Home Cam has so many astounding features that people just used to read in science fiction.

Remotely Accessible

This device can be accessed from miles across wirelessly with modern wifi technology. There is an app called the ‘Ring app’, which can be remotely controlled through it.

Trigger sensitive

The whole ring alarm system is connected, and thus, upon sensing any kind of unreal motion around the house- it flies to the spot and oversees the matter.

Fly on command

Using the Ring app, the owner can make it fly anytime around the house on a preset pathway to see if everything’s spring or if the water tap was turned off or not.

Realtime Video

Its high-resolution camera and wifi technology together put excellent quality real-time live streaming of your place to your device.

Multiple Camera angle

This drone has a top-notch navigation system, which sophisticatedly brings multiple angles to the device screen.

Custom flight path

It navigates on the customized route plan set by the owner and only flies when it is triggered or commanded. This way, it secures both security and privacy.

Secured Propeller

Equipped with such advanced features, this device is pioneering the future of household security.


By this time, anyone with a curious mind might have wakened interest to know more about its specifications. Let’s have a look below.

  • Colour: The RIng Always Home Cam is visually very pleasing. It comes in a combination of charcoal and white color. The drone is charcoal-colored, and the charging dock is white. 
  • Dimension: The drone’s measurement is about 191mm x 191mm x 140mm, and the size of the charging dock should be 191mm x 191mm x 121mm.
  • Battery: This device comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery. It gets charged when docked with the 120V-220V USB-C power adapter. It takes about 2 hours to get fully charged. Whilst can fly for 5 minutes with that charge.
  • Wifi: The Dual-band wifi of 2.4GHz and 5GHz capacity allows it to be controlled and live stream to the connected device from miles away.
  • Visibility: The high-quality camera shows a 120° horizontal and 120° vertical frontal view.
  • Video Quality: It gives out 1440×1440 HD In-Flight video in the real-time live stream during the flight.
  • Required Temperature: This device requires an average room temperature of 32°F to 100°F to stay appropriately functional.
  • Setup Requirement: It is a direct plug and plays device to install. All it requires is a plug-in installation for the charging dock and an even surface to place the charging dock with 1.7 ft of clear space on each side.

Along with all these impressive specs, it also brings a charging dock, an AC power adapter, a Quick Start Guide, and a security sticker with the package.

How does it work?

The Ring Always Home Cam is a drone that works as a home surveillance camera flying out throughout the home.

It operates as any other drone does, but it can not be manually operated. However, it requires the user to create a manual pathway using the designated app. 

So, in order to operate this device, one has first to synchronize the app with the device and then with the ring alarm system. Then, its flight way can be customized.

This drone also streams the real-time in-flight footage using its advanced wifi feature, which needs to be synchronized with the device and the home wifi system.

Finally, when everything is set up, the Ring Always Home Cam then flies through the created pathway and telecasts the HD real-time footage through the wifi connection to the owner’s device.

What’s The Price?

Till now, the Ring Always Home Cam is not available in any retail store but can be purchased from Amazon and will cost you about 249.99 $

There will be no extra monthly charge except the 3$ subscription charge for the ring alarm system.

Advantages & Disadvantages

It has numerous advantages like

  • Monitoring the house remotely
  • Overseeing any unusual motion in the house
  • Real-time live video stream
  • Remotely controllable

Yet, it has a few disadvantages like

  • Long charging hours
  • Very small flight time
  • It cannot be manually operated

The ring has confirmed the ongoing advancements and works are going on to diminish the disadvantages and add more to the advantages.

Is it worth it?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and so the utility to the mind of the one who needs it.

That is why it is astounding and just a suitable device for some people.

If anyone wants to be precarious about their property and wants an intelligent solution for their security measures, the Ring Always Home Cam is very worthy of the money. 

Those who are already satisfied with their security management probably will consider it a waste of money.

To put it simply, it’s entirely about individual perspectives, but for those who are concerned about security- this is definitely worth it.

Should you take it?

Considering all the specs, features, advantages, and disadvantages that have been discussed above- One should definitely go for it.

As it can not fly for a long time and to a long distance; those who have a large house should not probably rethink before purchasing the Ring Always Home Cam.

Is there any alternative of ring always home cam?

We live in a world that is changing faster than we can adapt- everything is competitive.

So, does the market share of the RIng Always Home Cam. It may not have the exact same alternative, but there are dozens of products out there that can take this device’s place and offer efficient outcomes.

You better do your own research before going for one yourself.

Final Words

Technology has emerged so vastly that life has become a lot easier and more brilliant for those who seek it.

Being a part of such an era, everyone should take advantage of that. Everyone should make their life as secure and stress-free as possible. 

So, why should anybody stress about their household security when there’s a product like the RIng Always Home Cam out there.