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How To Get To Netflix On hisense Tv Without Remote?

netflix on hisense tv

A long time ago I lost my Hisense tv remote and that was the time I felt how difficult it is to use a tv without a remote. Unfortunately, I wanted to see my Netflix show eagerly but without a remote, it’s not possible. Then I found some of these solutions that worked for me:

Use Tv With Manual Codes

You can use another universal remote with your Hisense tv by using some universal codes such as Four digits universal remote code for Hisense TV is- 0073 0182 0216.

  • Turn ON the Tv manually.
  • Press and hold the “P” button until the red light stays on.
  • Release the desired mode button (TV, VCR, etc.) The red light blinks, then stays lit.
  • Now, press the Channel Up button constantly until you find Netflix. You can press the down button in case you overshoot.
  • Now release The Code. Hit the enter or Ok button, then you are done.

Security Cause Not let me connect to Netflix

In case you fall into this issue then there is some simple official step that can help you to overcome this problem. Look at the followings (you required a Hisense remote for this)

  • Go to menu option
  • Now click “Audio”, then “balance”
  • Then push 1969 on your remote
  • Go below to factory setting
  • Click “clean all”
  • When it’s done unplug your Hisense Tv for 1 minute
  • After a couple of minutes turn it back on

Then you will see everything is now working properly from Netflix to Youtube, you can access all.


This is a serious issue, especially for users who don’t have any remote to configure this. Missing our favorite Netflix show every night is really terrible, but using this method now anyone can enjoy online content on their tv which takes very minimal effort.