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Does mesh wifi reduce speed?

Mesh wifi system is known for its wide range with the additional benefit of a consistent and reliable network. The whole mesh system shares the same SSID and password also all the nodes are part of a single wireless network. with mesh wifi nodes positioned throughout your home, you will be able to get stable and even speed where ever you go on a building. If you are in need of anything more robust than a simple router solution. mesh networking makes a lot of sense.

There is no doubt that Mesh wifi is one of the best options for large houses or offices made of concrete walls and it spreads the network across the whole area, but the main problem people face with a mesh system is that a mesh network loses some speed with every hop. So, the answer is Yes, mesh wifi does reduce speed. I’ll try to give you a brief idea about this specific issue down below.

Why is my mesh wifi is slow?

Mesh wifi networks are not as fast as a wired network. When someone spends their money on a mesh router their first priority from a wifi system is getting a wide coverage, this is why mesh owners use as much as nodes possible to irradicate the dead zone, But most of the individuals don’t know wireless links can receive or transmit at a time it is not capable of doing both together. In a mesh wifi system, every single link between routers will reduce the bandwidth by half. This is why when a long chain is made with mesh links the whole system works slowly from end to end.

Also, there is another speed-related issue, if you place the nodes too closely this will affect your network speed, as you move around it can get better or worse because your device will start to scan or hop from one to another node. Unfortunately, I have to admit that this seamless absolute dead zone killer comes with this downside.

Tips to Improve mesh wifi speed

it is possible that you can improve your mesh networks speed by following different tricks, some valid tricks are given below;

  • Choose a better place for your nodes
  • Always update your mesh router
  • control bandwidth-hungry applications
  • reboot your system
  • purchase a better internet plan

Choose a better place for mesh wifi nodes

You have to place your mesh wifi router somewhere above the floor, away from obstructions or electronics, and obviously within the range of your devices, typically you have to place every node at a proper distance and limit the distance to no more than 30 feet which are called two-room rule.

Always update your mesh router

A new Mesh System works fine for the first few months then it needs a firmware update. You always Update your Mesh router’s firmware so that it never slows down. Time to time updates can enhance the performance of all your devices and improve your home security and keep the system safe from hackers and performance drops.

control bandwidth-hungry applications

One of the main reasons you are not getting enough speed is uncontrolled bandwidth-hungry applications. These applications can run in the background which can end up making your network speed slow. Turn off these applications to enhance the speed.

reboot your system

When you find your Mesh wifi system is slowing down you can reboot the whole system, because a hard reset will clear all the network configurations, remove all its sessions and logs, and remove the Mesh device from your network. This Reboot will Fix Common Network Problems.

purchase a better internet plan

For a better wifi experience, you must spend some more extra bucks because for a better speed you have to get the best internet plan your internet provider is offering.


So, from this article, we learn mesh systems split the bandwidth in half whenever it goes Through a node. But it doesn’t mean that the mesh wifi system is not good. If you are looking for a stable network throughout your whole house or office, it is better if you pick Mesh wifi. And if you are still worried about if mesh wifi is worth your money or not don’t worry, Mesh wifi has its advantages depending on it’s price some of them are expensive and some are Quite cheaper. Choose wisely so that you can enjoy a decent wifi experience. Hope you find this article helpful.