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Is mesh wifi worth it?

Is Mesh Wifi Worth It?

A mesh wifi system is a Wifi system that build up with mesh topology. Mesh topology is a network setup where each computer and network device is interconnected with one another that provide uninterrupted Wifi connection and eliminates dead zones. Mesh WiFi creates a single and smooth connectivity and that can be expended. This mesh Wifi set can cover even a large building.

Why Do you need a Mesh WiFi and Is it even worth it?

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are a great solution for homes with thick walls and older houses because they can provide extra coverage in areas where there is an inadequate signal. They’re also an affordable option if you need more than one network device around your houses, such as smart TVs or game consoles that don’t have built-in WiFI capabilities!

If however the opposite applies – that one spot of our home which consistently lacks an internet connection despite having good connections everywhere else; we might need something more customized than just another typical mesh network system to solve this problem alone without affecting too many other parts outside its boundaries (and our budget).

A Powerline adapter can be a good way to extend your home network. They use the existing power cables in your homes to send data between devices. The adapters need to be plugged into a power outlet and they come with an Ethernet port so you can plug in your devices.

You will need at least two Powerline adapters to create a network, one to plug into your router and the other to plug into the device you want to connect to the internet. The adapters will automatically create a secure connection and all you need to do is plug them in!

But compared to a mesh wifi system, a powerline adapter is kinda hassled because you need to always bother about the placement and it only works if your home has good wiring condition.

So where your existing router is failed to work, where a powerline adapter comes with lots of wiring hassle, where a range extender fails to deliver the signal to you through penetrating thick walls, there a mesh wifi system always would be a tremendous solution whether it’s for cover your entire multi-story house or boost the ISP signal, you can absolutely rely on this.

why a mesh wifi system is better?

Mesh Wifi has some plus points over a regular Router.

A Mesh Wifi is better because of its great coverage, smooth connectivity, and faster speed. Mesh WiFi routers can cover large homes of at least 3000 sq. ft. or up to 6000 sq. ft with interior concrete walls, or an unusual layout. Even if you pick Mesh system for 1 gigabit internet or one of the cheapest mesh system all has additional benefits over an ordinary router. When other wifi systems like a router face slow WiFi connectivity or dead zones, the users might buy a range extender with good coverage that can cover throughout the home, but mesh WiFi cover up a large home or even a large building with stable speed and connectivity than a range extender. As a system, the mesh is also very scalable and easy to customize.

Ordinary routers are singular, which is also able to eliminate the dead zone area and slow connectivity with Wifi range extender but without an extender, a router distributes wifi coverage with a single device and that causes limited coverage, sometimes slow connectivity, and failure to connect with wifi. Where the mesh router uses two or more connected devices to extend the wifi coverage further. Mesh Wifi can be dual-band or tri-band. Mesh networks are created from multiple nodes For these reasons mesh wifi routers extends the coverage and faster speed than ordinary routers.

Advantages of mesh Wifi

Mesh WiFi System has a plethora of benefits and advantages. Here are some advantages of installing a Mesh WiFi System-

  • Mesh wifi system is more convenient for its better coverage. Users don’t have to depend on just one router, because A mesh wifi system uses a network instead of a single point of access. To ensure a strong and smooth wireless connection it works together and make sure to eliminate dead zone or slow connectivity.
  • Mesh WiFi system is also user-friendly. It is also included in most smartphone apps. This system don’t need any kinds of company to manage or any providers for connectivity. Users can easily access and manage this system with their smartphones. These smartphone apps are very easy to use and anyone can access it easily.
  • A mesh wifi system configuration is easy and users don’t have to set it up and configure it manually. This network works on many nodes in one network and easily does it themselves.
  • If anyone uses a mesh wifi system, there is very less chance of connection failure. Mesh WiFi system is constantly exploring new paths and changing paths constantly. These nodes find this information and transfer to other nodes. If there are any connection problems in the system, these nodes find routes and fix them on their own.
  • Users can customize the size of the network as they want. In mesh network, each hub is a single piece in the entire network. If anyone wants to add another hub, he can add or if want to take one away, he can remove it from the hub.

disadvantages of mesh wifi

Besides advantages, mesh wifi system also includes some disadvantages. Most of these disadvantages are so minor that they might not bother most the consumers but some of them can be a matter of concern for some users. Here are some disadvantages-

  1. If the matter comes about a disadvantage, the first problem will be its expenses. A mesh is expensive. Its setup is more costly than a regular WiFi router system. Because in this system, many components are included.
  2. A mesh wifi system uses a large space for setup. If users have large house or apartments, they’ll not face that kind of problem. If a user doesn’t have that amount of space at home or at the workplace, he will face this kind of problem.
  3. Individual Mesh wifi network system needs spare power outlet for each unit of mesh network and have place to store each of them. This can takes up room.


Every single piece of tech has it’s pros and cons. At the end the question is if it is worth spending money on a mesh wifi? The answer is it depends on you. If you consider all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above and find it fits your requirements you should get a mesh wifi system. Hope you find the article helpful. If not let us know in the comments.

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