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Home » Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices: Know Them Better For A Progressive World!

Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices: Know Them Better For A Progressive World!

Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Devices: Know Them Better For A Progressive World!

If you are searching for Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices, you must want a densely modern device-populated environment. By current device populated territory, we mean shops, Markets, and offices that need internet access for mobile computers and so on. If you are a Wi-Fi 5 user, let me tell you connecting your device to Wi-Fi 6 will increase the internet speed up to 40% more than previously. 1So let us know about the Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices. And start from the basics.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

So, what is this popular WiFi 6 technology? WiFi 6, also called the 802.11ax or AX WiFi is a local area network, basically, an improvement or advancement to the former 802.11ac WiFi services. Briefly speaking Wi-Fi 6 acts as the next generation advanced Wi-Fi. It doesn’t work differently than the traditional Wi-Fi router, it will link you to the internet as usual; however, it’s more efficient regarding the speed and connection with the addition of advanced technologies. No wonder why everyone is rushing to get the WiFi 6 services!

Now, let’s talk a little about the specifications. Wi-Fi 6 is 9.6 Gbps, that’s 3.5 Gbps higher than Wi-Fi 5. However, the truth is both the speeds are theoretically maximized, which means in real life, you will not need this much speed. The usual downloading speed is about 72-96 Mbps in general. 

But don’t get disappointed with that because the theoretical speed is still quite significant since the 9.6 Gbps is likely to be distributed among an entire network of devices. This allows them to have more possible rates for each.

Does Wi-Fi 6 require new hardware? 

It’s worth noting that Wi-Fi 6 relies on hardware upgrades rather than software updates; therefore, new gear is required to notice any speed improvement. Even though the majority of your home’s gadgets already support Wi-Fi 6, you’ll need a Wi-Fi 6-enabled router to make use of this new technology.

To be clear, this is not something you’ll want to rush out and buy a new laptop for. It’s hardly a game-changing upgrade for anyone gadget.

Instead, new gadgets will ship with Wi-Fi 6 as standard. Over the next five years, you’ll replace your phone, laptop, and gaming consoles with new ones that feature the most recent version of Wi-Fi.

List of Routers that support Wi-Fi 6

Because Wi-Fi 6 deployment is still in its early stages, the router technology that enables it isn’t cheap, with a price range of around $250 or more; it’s a significant investment. Fortunately, some of the most prominent Wi-Fi 6 routers in the market have features that make these well worth the investment.

Asus RT-AX88U: Best high-performance router 

Why shouldn’t we call it the best? It has been titled as the ‘Best Wi-Fi 6 router tasted till date’ by the renowned American computer magazine. Although the RT-AX88U price range falls in the higher category, it’s still worth it. Wait till I show you the specifications. 

This router has remarkable data transmission speeds at various distances: 4,804 Mbps on the 5 GHz band for Wi-Fi 6 devices within a few feet and 461 Mbps for devices up to 30 feet away. Its installation, minimal latency, and built-in firewall security make it an excellent alternative for everyone, from Zoom-dependent, work-from-home professionals to competitive gamers. On Amazon, the RT-AX88U is presently priced at $318.23.

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream: Best multi-device networks router

Don’t go to the looks of the router because the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 is a bit odd-looking. However, the perks of having this router are many, including easy installation and configuration. 

This router provides high speeds even at a distance. It is an excellent choice for homes or small companies with community Wi-Fi connectivity that expect numerous devices competing for bandwidth. The AX12 has a steep price tag of $499.99 on Amazon.

Asus RT-AX86U AX5700: Best gaming router 

If you are looking for a practical and cheap router, this one is your catch. You can find it on Amazon for only $249.99, making it one of the most affordable Wi-Fi 6 routers in the market. 

It’s an attractive choice for families with enthusiastic gamers because it supports gamer-friendly options and robust parental controls for underage internet users. The Asus RT-AX86U does have certain drawbacks, notably a significant decline in data transfer speeds over extended distances.

Laptops that support Wi-Fi 6

An increasing number of laptop brands are coming up with the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 support. Popular brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and of course, everyone’s favorite Apple have models that support Wi-Fi 6. Here’s a list of our favorite laptop models currently dropped in the market that comply with the Wi-Fi 6 requirements and work efficiently with it. 

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
  • LG Gram 17
  • Lenovo Yoga c940
  • HP Spectre x360
  • Dell XPS 13 
  • Asus Chromebook Flip c436
  • Apple M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro

What Phones are compatible with Wi-Fi 6?

Till now, you can only think of attaining the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 at your home, behind the walls, but what if it could extend to wherever you go? Yes, you guessed it right! There are tons of new generation phones that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6. So, if you got to pick a phone now, you would naturally choose one that supports the advanced Wi-Fi 6 specifications.

Here’s a list of some popular phone models and their brands that comply with the Wi-Fi 6 services we have enlisted just for you! Have a look.

Honor: 30 Pro and 30 Pro+ models

Huawei: P40 Series

Lenovo: Legion Duel and Legion Pro

LG: V60 ThinQ

Motorola: Edge Plus

OnePlus: 8 and 8 Pro

Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 20 strings, Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Fold 2. 

Sony: Xperia 1 II

Xiaomi: Redmi K30 Ultra, Redmi K30 Pro, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Ultra, Black Shark 3, and Black Shark 3s.

We have also started noticing the first phones that offer Wi-Fi 6E, a new designation for Wi-Fi 6 gadgets that can access the recently opened 6GHz band, which provides a tremendous amount of bandwidth with no interference from older-generation connections. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is among the first phones to embrace the certification, along with it comes two other gaming phones: the Lenovo Legion and the Asus ROG Phone 3. 

A few other phones will probably support Wi-Fi 6E by the end of the year, so keep an eye out; you don’t want to miss it!

Which Apple devices support Wi-Fi 6?

Hello to the Apple users! This is a special section for you. Don’t be disappointed thinking your Apple devices will not be compatible with Wi-Fi 6 because we have got some news for you. For the users of iPhone SE, iPhone 11 models, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, all these models have built-in Wi-Fi specifications. Besides, the better news is Apple has announced that the upcoming iPad Pro, both the 12.9-inch and 11-inch models, will comply with Wi-Fi 6 services!