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What is the WPS button on Xfinity router and how to use it?

WPS button on Xfinity Router

Almost every router nowadays has a WPS button on it and most of us struggle to understand its true function. Wifi Protected Setup, also known as WPS is a technology that was introduced by Cisco many years ago. It was developed to make it easier for users to connect their devices to their network without the need to enter a password.

 In simple terms, the WPS technology makes it easier for you to connect a wireless device to the internet, thus protecting you from unnecessary hassle. The WPS button on Xfinity router enables or disables the WPS mode.

Xfinity routers also contain the same button for the same usage.

What does it exactly mean? What does it exactly do? And how to use it? All these things will be covered in this article so make sure to read till the end.

How does the WPS button on Xfinity router work?

Located typically at the back of your router, the WPS button allows devices to connect without manually entering a password. When you press the WPS button, the router enters the WPS button and sends out a signal that is picked up by the wireless device you want to connect. This signals the device to establish a secure connection to the network, eliminating the need to enter a password manually.

The WPS button uses the WPS protocol that establishes a secure connection between the wireless device and the network. Upon pressing the WPS button, the router sends out the network’s name (SSID) and the password. This is picked up by the device trying to connect via WPS technology and a secure wifi connection is established.

How to use WPS feature

WPS button on Xfinity router:

The Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) button on the Xfinity routers is a convenient and secure way to connect wireless devices to your home network. The WPS feature makes it extremely easy to add or remove devices without having to enter a password.

Using the WPS button is pretty simple. A few things have to be taken care of before you use WPS:

  1. Make sure your router/modem has a WPS button.
  2. The device you want to connect should support Wifi Protected Setup(WPS).
  3. Be aware of the security implications of the WPS button.
  4. Allow only trusted devices to connect.
  5. Set a strong and unique password for your network to prevent unauthorized access.

How to use the WPS button on the Xfinity router?

Using the WPS button on the Xfinity router is simple and straightforward.

Follow these steps to conveniently connect to your Xfinity router with the help of the WPS button:

WPS button on Xfinity
WPS LED light on Xfinity Router
  1. Locate the WPS button on the Xfinity router and press it. You’ll typically find this button on the top or back of the router.
  2. Wait until the WPS light on the router starts flashing.  This indicates that the router is now in WPS mode.
  3. For connecting your wireless device, open settings and navigate to wireless settings and look for the WPS option. Activate the WPS button and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to the network.
  4. Once the procedure is complete, the WPS light on the router should stop flashing and the device would’ve connected to the network.

For sure, the WPS button is a handy feature, but one should always consider the security implications it brings along. The ease of connectivity becomes the vulnerable point for the network, allowing unauthorized access and hackers to swarm into your network.

Security Implication of using the WPS Mode-How to use it safely?

Now that you know how simple it is to connect to a network with the WPS button, you would’ve realized by now, that how easy it is for some hacker or online thief to access your network. And you can be sure of the fact that they have no good intentions.

The ease of the WPS button brings along vulnerability. For example, if an attacker is within range of your network and has the tools to detect WPS signals, they may be able to connect to your network and cause harm. Consider the attack tool Reaver for example. Reaver is an open-source hacking tool that allows you to penetrate into a Wifi network through the loophole in the WPS connection.

How to keep your WPS connection secure?

Until or unless you plan to completely stop the use of WPS technology, the security threat will remain. But there are some ways in which you can minimize the threat:

  • Make sure to turn off the WPS mode on the router after you have connected the wireless device.
  • Allow only authorized persons to use the WPS mode.
  • Keep the router at a secure location.
  • Constant monitoring of Network activity.

Disabling the WPS mode:

If you demand high security and are willing to take no risks, disabling the WPS mode completely is always an option. This can be done by logging into the ISP’s online web portal and changing the configurations.

WPS not working on Xfinity:

Although the WPS technology is simple and easy to use, sometimes the user may go through hurdles or interruptions while connecting through the WPS button.

This problem could typically be resolved by personalizing your Wifi name and keeping a stronger password.

Learn how to change your Xfinity password or change your Xfinity network name.  


In conclusion, the WPS button on the Xfinity router is a convenient feature that simplifies the process of connecting wireless devices to your Xfinity router. However, it is important to use it carefully and responsibly which can be done by using Strong passwords and constant monitoring of activity.

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