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Home » Can You Use Amazon Echo as a Wi-Fi Extender?

Can You Use Amazon Echo as a Wi-Fi Extender?

You can’t use the Amazon Echo as a Wi-Fi extender, but you can extend Alexa’s Wi-Fi range. Don’t get mixed up between Alexa and Echo. Both are related. The device is called the Amazon Echo, and the assistant is called Alexa. Instead of a Wi-Fi extender, try to expand Alexa’s range.

Is there any way to use Amazon Echo as a Wi-Fi Extender?

Unfortunately, Amazon Echo cannot be used as a WiFi repeater. Google Next or Netgear’s Orbi have a built-in Wifi extender. When those devices are connected with a wifi signal, it extends the wifi signal area. But, Alexa does not even work without connecting to the Alexa Mobile app and Wifi network. Do not even create a network area around it. The Amazon Echo is designed to follow your commands only, not to be a network creator.

Can You Extend Alexa’s, Wi-Fi Range?

If you want to extend the range of Alexa, improve the wifi signal or internet connection. You may use a strong router or internet connection. Without a strong internet connection, Alexa will not work properly. If you are using Alexa or Amazon Echo for the biggest area, along with a strong wifi router, use a powerful repeater to enhance the network. An extender, connected with an Amazon Echo, immediately erases the gap between Alexa and other home development devices. It helps operate without lagging or buffering.

How to connect Alexa to wifi extender or wifi Router:

If your wifi router is not helping to control the Amazon Echo, connect your Alexa with an extender. To connect with the repeater or the router, you need to follow a few steps. Otherwise, your command will fail.

Step one: Use a strong router and wifi connection. If you need more coverage areas, use a repeater.

Step two: Check your Amazon Echo’s condition, plug it in, and wait till the orange light appears.

Step three: Install the Alexa app on your mobile phone. You will find the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step four: After installing the app, search for an available network nearby. You may connect to the router or the extender.

Step five: Follow the directions that pop up on your mobile screen. Press “yes” when it says If it is not turned orange, press the power button of the Echo device. Wait till it turns orange.

Step six: Your phone will search for the devices now. Wait till your device name appears. Press the device name when it shows up.

Step seven: Then search for the desired WiFi network you want to connect with. Connect to the network once you’ve located it. And it will be linked to your Echo Device.

Step eight: Follow the steps to change the wifi settings.

Finally: Connect your Amazon Echo and enjoy the technology.