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How To Get Hisense TV Out Of Store Mode Without Remote?

Store Mode or Demo mode is what you have seen in a tv shop where the seller advertising their television by playing some video and images. If you’re a new owner of Hisense smart tv and unfortunately stuck yourself in store mode then this elaborate guide is for you.

In general, when setting up a Hisense smart tv, you are given the option of either picking Store mode or home mode, but some users accidentally end up selecting the Shope mode resulting in their tv getting stuck in advertising images and video loop.

It’s very simple to get out your Hisense tv from store mode. Pick up your remote and click home button then go to settings > device preferences > retail mode > disable store mode. Also, just by pressing menu button on Hisense tv panel, there you can easily set your demon mode off.

Now, look at the following where we have been revealed a step-by-step guide about Turn Off Store Mode on Hisense Smart TV with and without the remote.

Turn OFF Store Mode / Demo Mode on Hisense Smart TV Without Remote

Now we are gonna show you the top 2 easiest methods of disabling demo mode on your Hisense tv without using an original remote:

Method 1: Pressing Menu Button

  • Go to near your TV
  • Locate Your Tv Panel
  • Press the Menu button
  • Now using arrow buttons move to the Option
  • Click Option > Mode setting > Enable Home use
  • Click confirm button
  • Now you have successfully turned off store mode

Method 2: Reset Your Hisense Smart Tv

Though this method isn’t worth trying the first time, however, if you have purchased a new Hisense smart tv then this is the method for you. Also, an old user of Hisense tv can solve a lot of problems by resetting their Hisense smart tv.

Step 1: Head to the setting option using Arrow buttons

Step 2: Using the channel down button go to the support menu

Step 3: Then click restore to factory default

Step 4: Press ok to process further

Step 5: When the process will be complete you can see an initial setup process in front of tv screen

Step 6: Finally, don’t forget to select “home mode” while setting up your Hisense Tv

That’s it, hopefully, your tv is back to its normal home mode. Now let’s see what could be the whole scenario if you had an original hisense remote!

Turn OFF Store Mode on Hisense Smart TV With Remote

  1. Turn On your Hisense Smart TV
  2. On your remote Press the Home button
  3. Select Settings option > Scroll down > Select Device Preference
  4. Now click “Retail Mode” Where you can see the option off disabling the “store mode”
  5. Click disable to enable home mode, Confirm it and done


What is D-pad on Hisense remote?

D-pad on Hisense remote indicates the up/down/left/right or navigation buttons.

Can I control my Hisense TV with my iPhone?

yes you can easily control your hisense tv with your i-phone just by installing some compatible Remote apps where you can connect those applications to your tv wirelessly to use hisense tv without remote

Is it ok to reset hisense tv for store mode?

Usually, if your tv is old or packed with lots of custom settings or software then resetting it will cause back to default mode. But it’s ok to go for factory reset mode if you have purchased your smart tv a while ago.

How do I turn on unknown sources on my HiSense TV?

  • Go to the setting menu
  • Select Personal Options.
  • Choose Security.
  • Now select Unknown Sources and turn it On.


Accidentally turning on the store mode on tv is a very common issue across all television users. But let me tell you it’s not a large problem to be concerned about as you can easily fix it by following little steps with or even without using a remote! In this whole article, we have discussed all those possibilities that helped to fix the demo mode problem for a lot of consumers. If you have found any value by reading this content, then share it to your social media, friends, and colleagues.