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Tozo Earbuds Not Charging Fixed – Troubleshooting Guide

As we are emerging into the wireless and portless age of mobile devices, the popularity of TWS or True Wireless Earphones or generally dubbed “Buds” is rising. The market inventor for the product category was Apple with their iconic Air Pods 1 in 2016. Seeing the rising wow-factor of the Air Pods,  a lot of tech manufacturers have come out with their take on the “Buds” at various price points.

Tozo with their entry-level T10 is making some noises in the budget section of the earbuds market. Though the built quality and the sound output are excellent a number of users are complaining about facing some charging issues with their Tozo T-10 earbuds or the charging case. In this article, we have tried to find out the possible problem and how to solve it. 

How to FIx Tozo Earbuds or the Charging Case Not Charging Issue: 

After our deep research and investigation, we have found several issues that lead to the charging problem and found some solutions for you too. Please go through all the points we mentioned to find the best solution for yourself. This will work both for Tozo T-10 and Tozo T-8 earbuds. 

The USB Hub: 

If you are using a USB hub to charge up your Tozo earbud case, then kindly check it the hub is working properly or not. Most of the time the hub is the one with faults, not the earbuds.

Clean the Charger Entry Point:

If your charging case is facing troubles it could be because of derbies or dirt stuck at the entry point of the charging port. Just clean it off with the help of a micro-fiver washcloth or a blower.

Check Your Device Status:

If you are using your computing device like a desktop or laptop to charge your Tozo Buds, then check the status of your device. Please make sure your PC is running. If it is in Sleep or Hibernation mode it won’t charge your devices. Also, check if your Laptop or Pc’s power recommendation level is set to balance or not. If so, change it to High. 

Check Adapter and Cable:

In case of charging your devices directly from the adapter and facing the charging issue, then first of all check the adapter connection. If your USB cable is properly connected to the adapter and still not charging the airbuds then you can try a different adapter. And if your adapter is okay then try to charge your device with a different cable. Hope the charging issue will be resolved after this. 

Leave in Charging for a while: 

If your adapters and power supply are on point then we suggest keeping the device in a charging state for a couple of hours. Then check back if the charging case is getting any juice or not. If not it maybe needs a battery replacement. 

Temperature Issue: 

If you are a heavy user then it might be possible you might have overheated your earbuds. Due to heavy usage sometimes the ambient temperature of the buds exceeds the charging temperatures and refuses to charge up. In that case, we suggest cooling down the earbuds before charging them. 

Leaving The earbuds on Programming Mode: 

It is possible for the earbuds not to charge in programming mode. So please check the buds if you accidentally put it in the programming mode.

Updating Bluetooth Firmware: 

Multiple users have reported that after updating their device’s Bluetooth firmware, their devices returned to the charging state. You can try updating your device’s firmware as well. But before that please check google and find out if your earbuds are upgradable or not. 

Bonus Tip: You can try hard resetting your earbuds too. Multiple users shared that their issues got resolved after hard resetting their earbuds.

Charging Environment: 

This is an important aspect in the case of charging your Tozo earbuds. If your charging environment outputs high, then your earbuds can’t charge. Please make sure you are charging from a low charging environment. 

Battery Issue: 

We hope your issue is solved by trying our previously mentioned methods, but if not it might be happening to your faulty battery. If you decide to change the batteries of your device your charging issues might get resolved finally. 

So, here are the tips for solving your Tozo T10 or T8 earbuds not charging or Case not charging. We hope you find our article helpful.