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how to speed up Hughesnet internet

When it is a matter of unlimited internet there is always a hazard of the speed right?  Because of being a satellite provider, it has wide accessibility over the nation. But there is always a matter of speed. So here is a guide about how to speed up Hughesnet internet.

Step by step process To speed up HughesNet internet

People like you and me often suffer from the speed hazard and get no work done. Offering only 25 Mbps causes a lot of problems in downloads and other regular activities. So to stop that buffering and get an amazing browsing experience you need to speed up the internet.

In order to speed up the internet, you can contact their customer service or can go for direct action. They could either be the issue of outside equipment ( satellite dish)or with your router. Here is a detailed guide about speeding up the HughesNet internet through a step by step guide:

Step 1: Checkout for damaged cables

If you have set up your dish on the rooftop then you have to check every now and then if there are any chips. This is because words and other animals often nibble the cable. So sure that the cables are tightly and properly connected to the dish.

Step 2: Remove if there is any kind of dirt

Dirt and debris on the cable are the kinds of obstruction that may come in the way of creating obstacles for the internet speed. Make sure that you have cleaned every kind of Dirt including cleaning the broken branches, leaf piles, and other stuff.

Step 3: proper positioning of your HughesNet dish

Make sure that your satellite receiver is pointed towards the south. your service provider is supposed to position your satellite dish in a manner to get the proper internet connection. But if somehow it gets displaced do not overdo it by yourself rather contact your service provided and main and reposition it.

Speeding up internet in case of the inside equipment ( router or modem)

  • The first and foremost step is to use an updated router. So if you think the router provided by Hughesnet is not up to date then go for a new one.
  • We often face speed issues and when we restart the modem it actually works differently. This is also the process of power cycling and helps greatly in troubled networks.
  • A modem of outdated firmware can always cause a slow and disturbing internet connection. So a router with Updated firmware is a must to use.
  • Ethernet cable is the fastest device to use. Wi-Fi connections often lose speed as if they have no wired connection. So an ethernet cable would definitely be a better idea.
  • Keep your device close to the router.
  • If you have a lot of space and you don’t have an option of keeping your device and router together you can definitely use a Wi-Fi extender. This will help you give a secure and fastest connection.

So no more confusion regarding how to speed up Hughesnet internet.  You can select your preferred option from the above two types. Happy browsing.