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Sceptre TV Black Screen Fixed!

One of the most frustrating moments that you can experience is you want to catch up on your favorite tv show but your Specter tv screen is not responding. If this sounds familiar and you don’t know what to do you have come to the right place. At first, we’ll learn what are the causes for your tv to stay black and the methods that can be performed to make the Scepter Tv work fine.

What to check in this situation?

There could be a plethora of different tv screen issues that cause your tv screen not to respond.

  1. Check If the remote is working or not. Push the power button around your sceptre tv screen. If the picture comes out the problem might be on your remote but if there is still no picture there might be some other issue.
  2. Check if the problem is only with the screen and if the audio is playing fine or not. Try turning the volume up and keeping an ear out for what happens. If the screen is black but the sound still works. Then the issue is quite complicated
  3. Check if the power outlet is working or not by plugging your tv to another outlet.

How To Fix Scptre TV Black Screen (No Picture But Sound) Problem?

Step 1: If you find the problem with the remote. Change the battery first.

Step 2: If that doesn’t work, unplug your tv and let it be unplugged for at least 1 minute and then plug it back.

Step 3: If you don’t find that useful unplug your tv again and hold the power button for half a minute. This method is called hard reset which is used to drain power from the tv. The. Plug it again and try turing it on.

Step 4: Sometimes problems can be caused by your televisions HDMI cable. If you have doubts with the HDMI cable working or not try testing it on another tv. If that doesn’t seems working change the HDMI cable.

what can you do if it still not working?

After doing all these if your tv screen is still black you might need technical help. But repairing a tv might be very costly depending on your television’s condition and age. The best option for you that we can prefer is buying a new television.

Can I mirror my Android phone to my Sceptre TV?

Yes, with the help of Chromecast you can mirror your phone on the tv. After you are done with the setup of Chromecast make sure both your TV and phone are connected to the same network. Now take your phone and go to the gallery app. Open a photo and you will find a play Icon over the photo tap that icon and you will see an option over your phone screen which says smart cast there you have to choose your televisions model name. And then both of the devices will be connected and the phone screen will be cast on the tv screen.

How do I mirror iPhone to my sceptre tv?

here are two devices that are usually used to mirror iPhones on the sceptre TV screen, number one is a Roku device then the other one is an Amazon Firestick.

Connecting with Roku device

Roku recently Updated their platform now apple play is built on their devices. Take the remote and hit on the home button then go down where it says system then click on system update. Then go to the home button then go to settings where you will find a category that says airplay button. Now turn it on. Then jump over on your phone. Make sure both the devices are sharing the same wifi network. Now swipe down your menu on the iPhone screen. Now you’ll find the screen share option. Hit the option, after that, you’ll find your Roku device. Select that option. Now your phone will ask for a code which you’ll find on your tv screen. After you put the code on the phone you’ll sceptre tv will start mirroring your phone.

Connecting with amazon fire stick

Download the Apowermirror app on your scepter tv after installation is done click on the app. Now it will give a plethora of options but you have to choose the second one which says “phone screen mirroring”. Now it will show a QR code. Now scan it with your iPhone. Now download power mirror screen app on your phone. After downloading click open and connect both the devices on the same wifi network. Then give the app your location permission. The next thing you’ll need to do is click on the mirror button. After a few seconds swipe down the menu on your phone and click screen mirroring. After you click it you’ll find the Apowersoft option. Hit that button and your phone will start mirroring your phone.