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Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound Fixed!

Nowadays using a smart tv with a soundbar has become a trend and also a necessity among users. Because smart tv with a built-in speaker doesn’t offer higher quality audio resulting in a bad experience while showing our favorite shows on tv.

One of the best ways to connect your smart tv with a speaker or soundbar is through using an optical cable. But Samsung tv users recently complained about getting errors while connecting their soundbar or speakers using an optical cable. The users connect their Samsung tv to speakers by optical cable but there is no sound coming out from that audio device.

The main reason behind this Samsung tv optical out no sound problem is lacking proper configuration and customized settings. Below we will show you how to solve this problem efficiently with minimal effort.

3 Easy Way To Solve Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound

If you are facing problem while connecting your Samsung tv to the audio device through an optical cable then look at the following where we have discussed possible solutions:

Step 1: Switch Audio Output

  • Pickup your Samsung tv remote
  • Go to settings > Click sound section
  • Check your sound output, disable tv speakers
  • Set sound output to Optical out
  • Done, enjoy tv sound through speaker or soundbar

Step 2: Go To Expert Settings

  • Go back to sound section
  • Click Expert Setting
  • Now change both HDMI Input Audio Format and Digital Output Audio Format to PCM.

Step 3: Test Your Tv Audio

Now it’s time to check your Samsung tv and speaker or soundbar whether it’s connected it or not. Then play your tv and if the sound is coming from your external audio then you are all set, now enjoy an immersive experience while watching smart tv.

Troubleshooting Tips For no sound

You have done all of your settings but still, you are not getting sound through optical cable on your Samsung tv? Then it’s time to test your optical cable. You can use very low frequency to test your Samsung optical cable.

While testing the optical cable through low frequency device if you see there a lot of red light signal coming on then it means your cable to damaged and you need to replace it with a new optical cable.

Then connect your tv and audio device with it and run through the following above steps. If your optical cable still not working on Samsung tv then it could be an internal issue, contact customer support.


Suddenly not getting sound after connecting your Samsung tv to the soundbar through an optical cable is really frustrating issue that could be solved by following some easy steps. Also, don’t forget to check your main optical cable to incase if it turns out a damaged item then the above steps not gonna work no matter how far time you are gonna waste.