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How to Reset Xfinity Remote: Complete Guide

Xfinity Entertainment platform is popularly greeted with positive acceptance everywhere. I have only seen happy users, and I am one of them. However, I think no one enjoys it when the buttons on the remote don’t respond properly. Though dead batteries are usually the reason behind such problems, this wasn’t the case for me. So after quite a bit of research, I discovered that resetting the Xfinity remote can solve my problems. 

But what did I discover about resetting the Xfinity remote? If your remote has a “Setup” button, press it and then enter 9-8-1 to reset the remote. However, if your remote doesn’t have a “Setup” button, press and hold the ‘A’ and ‘D’ buttons, then press 9-8-1. That’s it! This will reset your Xfinity remote.    

Still, have confusion or questions? Read the whole article, and you will find your answer.

Reset VS Resync on Xfinity Remote: When and How to do It?

Syncing and resetting the Xfinity remote are two different things. You resync the Xfinity remote if you want to pair it with a different Xfinity box. Resetting, on the other hand, mainly refreshes the whole Xfinity remote.  

How to reset the Xfinity Remote: with and without a ‘Setup’ button

Some Xfinity remote has “Setup” buttons while some don’t. 

XR11, XR2, and XR5 are equipped with an inbuilt setup button. 

But the XR15 doesn’t have such buttons. 

Which one do you have? Doesn’t matter because you will find the reset method for both of these types right here.

If your Xfinity remote has a “Setup” button, then you have to –

  • Press the “Setup” button
  • Look at the LED light at the front of the remote while holding it down 
  • Keep the button pressed until the LED light turns green and let go of the button once it turns green
  • Now type in the code 9-8-1
  • Notice the light. If a green light blinks twice, it means your work is done.

However, if your remote doesn’t have a “Setup” button, you must follow a different approach. Here’s what you can do –

  • Simultaneously press and hold the ‘A‘ and ‘D‘ buttons on the remote
  • Keep the buttons pressed for around 3 seconds
  • Notice the light at the top of the remote
  • Release the button once the light changes to green
  • Now enter the code 9-8-1
  • See if the light changes from green to blue

This indicates that the remote has been completely reset. 

Now that you have successfully reset the Xfinity remote, you have to resync it with your devices to make everything work again. Don’t worry, it’s nothing hard to do.

How to resync the Xfinity Remote:

Resetting the Xfinity remote means that all the saved or previously made settings will be gone. You can say it makes the remote brand new from the inside. It means the TV or devices you have previously paired your Xfinity remote with will no longer be available. This is why, after resetting the remote, you have to resync it with the Xfinity box. 

Here’s a quick glance at how to resync an Xfinity remote

  • Keep the remote within 50 feet radius of the Xfinity box you want to sync with 
  • Hold the Info buttons for 5 seconds and wait till the remote light turns green
  • Instruction will come along with a pairing code
  • Follow the instructions and put the pairing code

Now, once you have entered the pairing code accordingly, your Xfinity remote will be resynced.

Alternative ways of resyncing the Xfinity remote:

You can sync the Xfinity remote in another way as well. Here’s how-

  • Hold the microphone button on the remote
  • Loudly speak the voice command “Program Remote”

Now you will see a guide with a few steps. Follow these steps, and you will reach your desired settings. 

If you are not comfortable using the voice command or don’t have that feature, you can set everything up manually. To do this, you have to –

  • Press the “A” button on the remote
  • Choose the “Remote Settings” option

Now you will be presented with a clear guide. Follow this guide, and your work will be done. 

When Should You Reset Your Xfinity Remote?

As resetting the Xfinity remote changes everything about it, it is something you should do only when it’s necessary to do so. For example, resetting the remote can be your only solution if your remote stops working and changing the battery fixes nothing.

Another common situation when you need to reset the remote is if you can’t unpair the remote from an old device or if you fail to sync it with a new device. Resetting will erase all of its previous data, allowing you to pair it with any device you want. 

Finally, the most crucial situation where you must reset your Xfinity remote is when you are selling your device. If you sell your Xfinity remote, always make sure to reset it before handing it over to others. Otherwise, you may encounter unnecessary hassle.  

Troubleshoot Unresponsive Remote Buttons

You won’t be able to reset the device if the buttons on the remote don’t work. If the buttons are unresponsive, there can be two cases,

  • The LED won’t blink
  • The red LED blinks five times

Both these issues mean there is something wrong with the battery. And yes, in either case, you have to replace the battery.

If the buttons still don’t work even after replacing the battery, the remote is probably broken. The solution here is to replace it with another remote. 

Some Final Points About Resetting The Xfinity Remote

You may encounter different types of situations when you need to reset the Xfinity remote. Fortunately, that is not difficult to do. But there are a few things you must always keep in mind.

Firstly, resetting the Xfinity remote erases all the data and device information it previously had saved. So think twice before resetting the remote because this irreversible process may cause extra hassle for you.

Secondly, you must always resync after resetting. The Xfinity box won’t work if you skip the resyncing process.

Finally, before starting the process, make sure you follow the right instructions. See if your remote does or doesn’t have a reset button and act accordingly.

Keeping all these minds will make the Xfinity remote resetting process a breeze for you.

You probably had thought resetting the Xfinity remote would be a hassle. But now it should be clear that it’s not that difficult at all. With just the press of a few buttons, you can reset your Xfinity remote and make it brand new again. Just follow the instructions described in this article, and that would be all.