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Orbi port forwarding not working Fixed!

NETGEAR’s Orbi mesh technology is widely known for its great coverage and reliable performance. But as I always say every fine piece of tech has its pros and cons. Port forwarding issue is a common problem for mesh wifi users it occurs due to various reasons as like, Wrong selection of the incoming interface or sometimes appropriate ports might stay close, your mesh wifi’s IP or ISP can be the reason and even it happens because of your PCs special software or firewall that protect the Internet. Networks hidden NAT can also cause this problem. There are different solutions for this one particular issue because it depends on the reason. 4 best possible solutions are described below,

Orbi Port Forwarding Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

Solurion 1: Setup Properly

When your Orbi router is not working with the port forwarding, you have to ensure that your Orbi Router setting up is right and your configuration is correct. In this case, you have to check on the ports and the right ports should have open for smooth port forwarding.

To make sure that your port forwarding is working properly, you must check on the port addresses and double-check all the addresses. If you are sure about your setting are in the right order, you can restart the Port Forwarding setup. This will help you to fix the port forwarding problem easily. After all these steps properly, if you facing the same problem again with port forwarding, there are other steps that you should have a try.

Solution 2: Reboot your Orbi router

Sometimes, minor bugs on your Orbi router can create problems with port forwarding. If you need to try out anything on your router or set up its settings and configuration, in order to make your work smoothly and perfectly you might reboot your router. That can help you to solve the problems without facing any kind of major trouble. To reboot your Orbi router, you have to disconnect your router from the power socket, to turn it off. Then wait for a few seconds. Again plug back in, turn it on and check the port forwarding.

Solution 3: Reset your Orbi router

If you’re facing the same problem after rebooting your Orbi router, then there might be a problem in your setup and your configuration. To get rid of this trouble, you should reset all your Orbi mesh and nodes settings and configure them to default settings. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds or until the LED starts blinking amber. Done you have successfully reset your orbi mesh wifi. This will help you to solve the problems perfectly and set it up again correctly to get the perfect setup on the Orbi router for port forwarding.

Solution 4: Update your Orbi router firmware

When you’re using the outdated version of the firmware you’ll face problems in port forwarding. You have to update your firmware regularly. You can update your Orbi router firmware manually, it’ll simply update your router firmware. But, if you keep auto-updates on the router firmware, that will help you to fix your update issues from time to time and in the future, you don’t need to update your Orbi router firmware manually. To ensure auto-updates on the Router, first, you have to browse to the Orbi router setup page and log in on the page. Now find the Advanced settings, then click on Administration, there you’ll find the Firmware Update option, and click it to update your Firmware.

Solution 5: Contact Netgear Orbi Support

Finally, if you have tried all of the above recommendations and port forwarding still fails, consult with the Netgear support team for further guidance. Make sure to inform them of your whole situation properly as if they can solve your entire issue within a minute. If even they have also failed to put it down, it’s time to return this buddy (only if you didn’t lose your warranty)


What is port forwarding?

Port Forwarding is a computer or service that allows in a private network to connect over the internet with the other public or private computers or services. Port Forwarding is also called Port Mapping. This port forwarding can achieve by creating a map between the router’s public, WAN, IP address and a private, LAN, IP address for a device on a private network.

How do I set my router to Orbi?

Here are the steps that how could you set your Router to Orbi-

  • First of all, you have to connect the ethernet cable of Orbi with your Router’s LAN port.
  • After that, the WiFi availability of your router should be disabled. You can disable this WLAN from your laptop or computer where you’re able to access your WLAN settings, or you should contact your provider about this.
  • When these will complete, you have to set the Orbi to AP (Access Point) Mode. You’ll find these on Orbi menu and select Advanced setup. There you’ll find the AP Mode settings.
    And, after completing these tasks, the setup will be complete.

How do I recover my orbi password?

If you want to recover your Orbi password, you should follow these steps-

  • Run a web browser from a device, which is connected to the Orbi network and enter the Orbi settings page. After that login page will appear.
  • You have to click on the cancel button. When password recovery is enabled, you’ll be asked to enter the Orbi serial number which is located on your Orbi router product label.
  • Enter the serial number of your router and click on the Continue button. A window will opens with questions about security.
  • Enter the saved answers to your security questions and click the Continue button. Again a window will appear which will display your recovered password.
  • Click the Login button again and a window will appear. Now you can log in with your recovered password and login into Orbi router