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Home » How to Choose the Best Location for a WIFI Extender in a Two-Story House?

How to Choose the Best Location for a WIFI Extender in a Two-Story House?

How To Choose The Best Location For A WIFI Extender In A Two-Story House

A simple router can’t cover a two-story house as it has more space, so you need a Wifi booster or repeater. Now the point is how to choose the best place to install a wifi extender in a two-story house? Installing an updated router repeater could help you solve the internet issues at the dead spots. But, you need to be very tactful about putting in a router and extender.

Choose the Best Location for a WIFI Extender in a Two-Story House:

To get a stable connection around the corner of your home, office, or workplace, especially in a restaurant, you should invest in an updated wifi extender.

Suitable spot: You can’t put your study table in such a place, where there is so much chaos, like that way everything always needs to be in the perfect place to work out. Generally, the extender works fine when the main signal is at least half of the main signal. To find a suitable place, make a blueprint of your house. Mark the middle point and other belongings before installing them.

Avoid Electronic Devices: To get a stable connection, you must avoid electronics away from the router. The signals transmitted from cable TV and the microwave oven may create conflicts with the signal from the wifi router and extender.

Antenna Directions: Both the router and the router repeater have a few antennas. Antennas work fine if you keep them horizontally, and sometimes vertically. To get a stable connection, try to change the antenna direction and check the strength of the signal.

Avoid Clogging: Keep wooden furniture and metal elements away from the router and extender to avoid clogging. Place the router and repeater higher up so that the signal can spread evenly throughout a two-story house.

Keep it in a higher place: The router and extender should be kept in higher places so that they can transmit the signal equally around the devices. Generally, if you keep the router on the ground, the signal will be blocked by the floor. Keeping the router and repeater on the ceiling could be the best option for a storied building.

Avoid direct sunlight, water, and dust: Direct sunlight, water, and dust can all harm any type of device. So, keep the extender in a place, where the device can get enough air, but no sunlight, water, or dust.


Rather than the above points, a few other points may be taken into account. Other than connecting the router to the AC extension cord, connecting the router and repeater to boost the signal, and having a strong wifi connection with a strong router, there may be some other important factors to consider when deciding where to install a WIFI extender in a two-story house.