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Cox Internet Keeps Going Out – How To Fix?

Does your Cox internet keep going out? There are several simple reasons behind this, and you are going to know all about them in this article.

Cox internet keeps going out mainly because of router bugs, outdated firmware, faulty routers, bad cables or connectors, weak WiFi signals, overheating, or wireless interference.

You can fix the issue just by restarting the router, keeping the router off for a while, updating router firmware, replacing the bad WiFi cables, and taking a few more approaches. But what are they, and how can you do all these easily? The answers to all these questions are in this article. Keep reading.

Cox Internet Keeps Disconnecting: 5 Reasons & Solutions

You can get your Cox internet fixed in no time if you follow the right steps. So if you want to get your job done, follow the solution mentioned below.

Freeze Modem or Router Bug

Any kind of networking equipment, may it be a router or modem, can freeze. When this happens, the internet doesn’t work properly. The reason behind this freezing can be software bugs.


The solution to this seemingly difficult problem is just restarting the router. Though it sounds simple, you may not know how to do it properly. 

Here’s how to restart the router/modem, 

  • Unplug the power cords on the router/modem
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds
  • Plug the power cables back into its port
  • Again wait for a while to reinitialize the router
  • See if the internet connection is back.

Your Cox internet should work properly now.

Router/Modem Overheating

In most households, the router/modem runs 24/7. This type of over-usage can cause overheating. 

Overheating causes the connection to drop. Although in such situations, the internet drops only for a few minutes. Basically, the internet remains off till the router cools down. 

Touch the router with your bare hand if the internet goes out and see if it feels unusually warm. If it does, then overheating is the issue. In extreme cases, you will get a burning smell. 


There are a few things you can do to fix the overheating of the router. Here they are,

  • Use the correct power adapter Cox has specified for your router
  • See if any other devices are directly connected to your router
  • Position your router/modem in a well-ventilated position
  • Make sure the room is not in an air-restricted room

However, if your router is old or has burned from the inside, then replace the router. 

Incompatible Modem Firmware

If your Cox router/modem’s firmware is not updated, it can get disconnected from the internet every now and then. This can also happen if the firmware has malware. As the firmware is an integral part of the router, it affects the overall functionality of the Cox internet connection.


The solution here is to update the firmware. The interesting thing is, that Cox firmware updates automatically if there is a new release. If it doesn’t, then you must contact their customer service. You probably have due to pay, or something else may be the cause. Customer care will tell you everything you need to know. 

Bad Connectors and Cables

Another common reason behind Cox’s bad internet connection is faulty connectors and cables. Loose cables can also disrupt the internet connection. 


Here you have to ensure that the wires are in perfect condition and are properly connected. There are a few points you must check to solve the issue. Here they are,

  • Tightly connect the loose wires
  • Make sure that the connectors are not damaged. Replace the connector if they are damaged
  • Make sure that the cables are not damaged. If they are, replace the cables with a new set
  • Make sure that the coaxial cables are not twisted with other cables

After you have made sure that these points are clear, your internet should be restored.

Interference Of Wireless Connection

Wireless interference can be a reason why your Cox Panoramic WiFi keeps going out. This issue mainly occurs with 2.4GHz bands. 

The problem usually comes up due to overlapping signals of other hotspots and routers that are on the same frequency. In simple terms, if multiple WiFi networks are active with identical bands, it will cause problems with the internet connection.


Though it sounds like a complicated issue, this problem can be easily solved at home. Here’s what you can do,

  • Change the channel of the router/modem to a higher band than the default one
  • Try using the 5GHz band for utmost efficiency 
  • Place the router as far as possible from the devices that are likely to cause the overlapping

If you are thinking about how far you should position the router/ modem, then check the list below,

  • For Bluetooth devices and Microwaves: 40ft
  • For Cordless phones: 30ft
  • For Baby monitors: 25ft

WiFi Overload

If your Cox internet keeps going out when there are many people in the room, the most probable reason is WiFi overload. Even if you have a strong WiFi signal, having multiple phones, laptops, or tabs connected to the router can cause the internet to freeze. 


Here you just have to reduce the number of devices connected to the router. Just disconnect all the devices for a while. This will free up some bandwidth, making the internet flow smooth again.

Getting a higher internet package can solve the problem as well.

Apart from all these issues, a weak WiFi signal can also cause the Cox internet to go out. In this case, you have to wait for Cox to handle the inconvenience.


Cox internet usually provides satisfying services. But sometimes, they can be a pain in the neck. But now, if your Cox internet keeps going out, you have no reason to get tensed. Just follow the instructions and points mentioned in this article, and you are good to go.