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Home » How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV without Chromecast: 3 Easy Ways You Can Follow 

How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV without Chromecast: 3 Easy Ways You Can Follow 

If you want to show your homie what you play on oculus quest 2, you must connect the headsets to your TV. In this case, Chromecast gets things done. However, it’s usual that you may not have Chromecast in the meantime. But don’t you worry, here will show you how to connect oculus quest 2 to tv without Chromecast

There are multiple ways to connect oculus quest 2 to a smart TV. One, you can connect it only by the headsets. Two, you can get help from the mobile app. And three, you can use an Amazon fire stick. 

Each of the ways is described in detail below. 

How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV without Chromecast: Step by Step Guide

Without Chromecast, you can connect oculus quest 2 to a TV in three different ways. One of the most popular ways is with VR headsets. Using only the headsets and controller, you can get things done easily. 

Method 1: Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV via Headset

VR headset takes you to a whole new level in the gaming world. That’s why oculus features this tool so that you can have more fun and share it with your friends and family. 

Here’s how you can connect oculus quest 2 to your tv with only the help of a headset. 

Step-1: Turn Both Devices on  

Turn on your smart tv and the headset. Make sure these devices have the same wifi connection. Now, put the headset into the usual manner. 

Step-2: Go to the Oculus Option 

In the right-hand controller, you’ll have an option named oculus. Press it to get to the menu. Once the menu comes to your screen, click the share button on your controller. Then you’ll have an option named ‘Cast to.’ Click it to get your tv connected. 

Step-3: Select your TV 

Once you click the ‘Cast to’ option, a list will appear on your screen. The list includes all the devices that Oculus can cast. Find your device name and select it. Then click next. 

Step-4: Check the Casting 

After selecting your device and clicking next, everything is set indeed. Now it’s the last step to follow. 

When you complete all the steps above, you’ll get a notification saying ‘Casting started.’ After receiving the notification, take your headset out and look on the tv screen to see whether it’s showing the exact graphic you have on your headset. 

If nothing’s there on the tv screen, you must’ve made a mistake. In this case, follow the procedure from the beginning. 

If everything is alright, you can enjoy the scenario with your family. 

Method 2: Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV Using Phone 

It’s also an easy job to connect oculus quest 2 to a TV using the mobile app. For this, you have to download the Oculus app from your app store or google play. And then, just follow the instructions below. 

Step-1: Connect Everything 

Turn on your TV, headset, and phone, then connect them to the same wifi connection. 

Step-2: Open the App 

Now open the app first and connect it to the headset. You’ll see a Cast icon in the upper right corner. All you have to do is click it and find your device. 

Step-3: Select Your Device or Mirror the Phone 

You can either connect your tv to the app or mirror the phone screen. To connect your TV, find your device on the app and select it. 

And in other ways, you can take the help of some screen mirroring app to connect your phone to the TV. 

Step-4: Check the Stream 

At this stage, make sure your tv screen is streaming the game you’re playing. The process is all about casting video from the headset to the smartphone and casting or mirroring the phone’s screen to the TV. If everything’s okay, you can start gaming. 

Method 3: Connect Oculus Quest 2 to TV with Amazon Fire Stick 

Using a third-party mirroring app like ‘Air-screen’ is another way of connecting an Oculus Quest 2 headset to your smart TV. Follow the procedure below to discover another fascinating method on the topic. 

Step-1: Plug in the Amazon Fire Stick

First, Install the Amazon Fire Stick on your TV and plug it in. Then you have to follow some formalities of the initial setup. Once every necessary app is installed, proceed to the next step. 

Step-2: Install a Mirroring App 

You have to install a mirroring app on Amazon Fire Stick to mirror the phone screen that casts video from the headset. You can easily find it on google play. There’s also a screen mirroring option on your smartphone that you can use. Just enable the screen mirroring on the fire stick. 

Step-3: Cast the Video from the Headset to the Fire Stick 

At this stage, open the Oculus App and cast the headset to the phone. Once the phone casts the headset, mirror the phone screen via Amazon fire stick to the TV. 

Step-4: Enjoy the Gameplay 

When everything’s just working fine, check the phone’s battery as it’ll lose power fast. Your best course is to make sure the phone is full of charge before starting the procedure. Thus, you can enjoy the gameplay without any distractions. 


Can I Stream Oculus Quest 2 to an Old TV? 

You can stream Oculus Quest 2 to an Old TV. But for this, you need the Chromecast. All the methods described above will only work if you have a smart tv. Although Chromecast costs money, this is the only option to connect oculus quest 2 to an old TV. 

What to do When Oculus Quest Can’t Find the TV? 

If your TV has the Chromecast device below Zen 3, the Oculus App can’t find it. So, when you’re having trouble finding your TV, check what Chromecast device you have. If you find the device is exactly Zen 3 or ultra, then check the wifi connection or plugging. 

Why Can’t I Connect Oculus Quest 2 to My Smart TV? 

A few silly things distract from connecting Oculus Quest 2 to a smart TV. Wifi connection is one of them. If you’re having trouble, make sure both devices have the same wifi connection. Mobile data won’t help you. 

On the other hand, some smart TVs don’t have the feature to cast your phone’s screen. In this case, you have to use Chromecast. 


Virtual reality is a great experience to share. Oculus Quest 2, the company’s new version, takes us to a new level of this experience. However, you need a Chromecast setting to share what you see on your headset. 

Yet, if you have a smart tv, there’s no need for a Chromecast. It’ll save your money as well. As we’ve shown you how to connect oculus quest 2 to tv without Chromecast, we believe you can share your gaming world with your friends and family. 

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