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How to Connect JBL Soundbar to TV?

connect jbl soundbar to tv

JBL soundbar is the common soundbar that is an essential part of the music system. It has both visual and acoustic effects which are used in movies, television shows, and games with the perfect match of the bass, treble. JBL soundbar varies according to their sizes but all are installed below or above the monitor of TV.

Nowadays, most people are using the soundbar instead of home theater which is a costly and a little more complex system. There are different types of soundbars on the market. These new devices come with amazing features to amaze you. If you bought a new JBL soundbar for your TV, then it’s time that you should learn how to connect your JBL soundbar with television.

Top 3 Ways To Connect Your JBL Soundbar to TV

You can connect the JBL soundbar to your TV with three different options: HDMI ARC, Optical (connects through an external audio input), and Bluetooth. Those who are using smart tv they directly connect their JBL soundbar through Bluetooth connection effortlessly.

Method 1: Connect JBL Soundbar To Smart Tv

Method 2: Connect Using HDMI ARC

This is the simplest way to connect JBL soundbar with your TV. This method allows you to enjoy different types of audio. You can listen to the audio of TV programs through your soundbar.

Connect one end of the HDMI cable with the ARC port in your television and other ends with the HDMI input in your JBL soundbar. It will automatically connect and start working straight away after you turn on the TV and soundbar.

HDMI is a two-in-one connection that can deliver smooth and high-definition sound. It’s highly compatible with digital audio, meaning it will give you the best possible service when connecting your desktop or laptop for listening to music through earphones/speakers.

HDMI ports offer up an excellent way of delivering clear visual information from computer monitors as well because they have been designed specifically not only to accommodate but also transmit both videos signals necessary for displaying images on screen while still allowing enough bandwidth left over so we don’t lose any detail during playback!

Method 3: Connecting JBL Soundbar to TV Using Optical Port

This is also a common method used by many people. In this, we need to connect the JBL soundbar with the TV using an optical cable. This is the common and inexpensive method of connectivity that allows you to enjoy better sound effects on your television.

The process of connecting the soundbar is very easy. Just turn off your television and make sure that both devices are powered down; connect one end of an optical cable to the optical input on your soundbar and the other end to the corresponding port on your TV.

One major differentiator between the two types: One sends data more quickly than another–the former being called “high definition multimedia interface” while optical carries better picture detail (but at a slower rate)

Method 4: Connect JBL Soundbar Through Bluetooth

If you are using smart tv then it will be very easy for you to connect the JBL soundbar using a Bluetooth connection. Here you don’t need any additional cables for the connectivity, all you have to do is to turn on your device and start playing music.

JBL soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity, so this method of connection is the simplest of all.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your soundbar via remote or pressing top of the soundbar
  • Then you will see that your JBL soundbar blinking blue light which means the device is ready to pair with another smart device.
  • Now, turn on your tv
  • Enable Bluetooth function and search for JBL soundbar
  • Connect your soundbar to tv
  • If you’re seeing solid Blue light that means both devices have been connected successfully


Why is my JBL soundbar not connecting to my TV?

If your JBL soundbar is not connecting to your TV, make sure that the HDMI cable is connected properly between the two devices. Also, check if the cables are plugged in correctly; ensure that you have selected the right mode (HDMI or Optical) on both devices. Also, a damaged power cable can cause this issue.

Can I add Bluetooth speakers to my soundbar?

Ans: No, it is not possible to add Bluetooth speakers to the JBL soundbar. A soundbar does not have the provision of adding extra speakers. It can only be connected to a TV or DVD player.

Why is the remote of my soundbar not working?

You can check if the battery inside is properly charged. If it has been placed correctly then you may have to visit customer service for replacing it. There are chances that there might be some issue with the button so you may have to replace the remote.


We have discussed top 4 methods of connecting the JBL soundbar to tv, actually, it’s three because the first one is a video guide that’s best for smart tv users. And if you are not the owner of a smart tv and want to connect a JBL soundbar to your old device then using an HDMI and Optical cable is the best solution you need to go with. It’s not a troublesome setup, very effortless that even your child can do just by clicking one single Bluetooth button which led your soundbar to wireless connectivity which is one of the easiest ways.