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Can you play Alexa and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time?

Can You Play Alexa And A Bluetooth Speaker At The Same Time?

Things are always better with more than one speaker, especially when you want to dive into the musical world and bathe your house with your favorite songs. But, can you play Alexa and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time? 

Of course, you can. For this, you have to download the Alexa app and do some formality before creating a musical aura. 

Here’s how you can operate the app and everything in between. As you go through the article, you’ll also know whether it’s possible to run Alexa with multiple speakers. So, why do it late? Let’s dive in. 

Can You Play Alexa And A Bluetooth Speaker At The Same Time?

Is it Possible To Play Alexa and a Bluetooth Speaker at the Same Time?? 

A few years back, I couldn’t say it was possible. But now, it’s a piece of cake. With the help of voice command and a multi-music room, you can control the Bluetooth speaker via Alexa as it pumps out music. 

Since it’s an intelligent assistant of Amazon, you can operate various things on Alexa, including pairing it to Bluetooth speakers. However, Alexa requires an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker to get access. Connecting a bluetooth speaker directly to Alexa is not gonna work. 

There’s a multi-room feature on Amazon that’ll let you play echo speaker and pair it with bluetooth devices. You’ll get all these upgraded features on the app. Every procedure is given in the latter portion of this article. 

How to Play Alexa and Bluetooth Speaker Simultaneously? 

Alexa app lets you get access to Alexa and connect to it with bluetooth devices. Turning the Bluetooth device into pairing mode and selecting the device from the Alexa app is all you require to create a harmonious atmosphere. Here’s how you can get things done with three easy steps. 

Step – 1: Download the App

From your google play store, you can download the Alexa app. Once you get it installed, open it. 

Step – 2: Click on Devices Icon

On the bottom of the right corner of your screen, you’ll see an icon with a “house” sign. Click here, then click the device menu. You’ll get the option of selecting your echo device to Alexa. 

Step – 3: Click on Bluetooth Device

On the following menu, you’ll see the Bluetooth Device option. Here you can select what device you use. There’ll be a lot of options, and you have to connect to the one you have turned on. 

Once all these steps are done, you can play Alexa and Bluetooth speakers at the same time. 

Things to Remember While Connecting Alexa with Bluetooth Devices 

Connecting Alexa with Bluetooth devices requires some before-do things, such as maintaining device distance, turning on pairing mode, and finding the device’s model. Also, there are some essential things you should know about. 

Here’s everything you should keep in mind while playing Alexa with Bluetooth devices. 


To connect Alexa with a bluetooth device, you must keep a fair distance from the echo speaker to the bluetooth one. Around 2 feet apart is all it requires to get a proper signal. Otherwise, the app won’t find your device. 

Bluetooth Status 

Ensure your device is in pairing mode. Make sure before you try to connect it to Alexa. If you forget to turn the pairing mode on, you can’t find your device on the Alexa app. 

Disconnect Other Devices 

Disconnect other devices from the Echo speaker since it won’t connect your device if it’s already associated with another. Echo speakers can’t get connected with more than one device at a particular time. 

Remove the Pin 

If your Bluetooth device has a pin, remove it. An echo speaker can’t get access to a bluetooth device if it has a password. 

Find out the Model 

Before searching for your Bluetooth device from Alexa, ensure what model it is. If you don’t know the model number of your device, it’ll get you trouble finding it. 

Echo Alexa Certification 

To get the best result, your Bluetooth device must be certified for Echo Speaker. It’ll provide a more clear network. Yet, it’ll work even if it’s not certified for echo devices. 

How to Disconnect Bluetooth Devices from Alexa 

Since you connect Alexa with a bluetooth device, it’s also required to disconnect it. Here’s how you can disconnect the bluetooth connection. 

  • First, open the Alexa app and go to the bluetooth setting. 
  • There, you’ll see an arrow pointing down. Click here, and you’ll see your connected device name. 
  • You’ll have a disconnect option there. All you have to do is click it. That’s all. 

You can also disconnect the bluetooth device by turning off the device. 

Can Alexa Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers at the Same Time? 

Yes. It’s possible to connect two or more bluetooth speakers on Alexa simultaneously. You’ll just need to place the device in the same audio group on the app. The procedure is given below. 

  • First, open the app. 
  • Click on the Device option. 
  • There, you’ll see a Plus (+) sign. Click it. 
  • Then click the “Combine Speaker” Option. 
  • Select the Multi-room Music option and click on your new device’s name. That’s it. 


Why Should I Connect Alexa to a Bluetooth Speaker? 

To listen to music from one room to another, you have to pair Alexa with a Bluetooth speaker. Because Alexa requires an Amazon Echo smart speaker, and no Echo model is capable of spreading music to a far distance. That’s why you’ll need to connect the Echo speaker to a Bluetooth speaker. 

Can Alexa Play Different Music on Different Devices? 

Yes, now it’s possible for the Multi-Room Music feature. You can select a particular speaker or a group of speakers for certain music. And the best thing is, you can control this with a single account. 

How Many Bluetooth Devices Can I Connect to Alexa? 

Since Amazon Music allows only six devices to be connected at the same time, Alexa can also get connected with six. Yet, it’ll only be streaming on one echo speaker. However, if you have different echo devices, you can ask for different music on each device. 

Last Words 

So, can you play Alexa and a bluetooth speaker at the same time? Apparently, you can. We are one lucky generation when Alexa improves its feature to let us connect multiple speakers to it. 

As the Alexa app is the key to getting things done, I recommend downloading the app now. Enjoy your musical moment and take it one step ahead.