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Here’s How To Connect Your AirPods To Dell Laptop

steps to connect airpods to dell laptop

I have a dell laptop but how do I Connect Airpods to a dell laptop?

Dell laptops have become really popular among office employers and college students as it offers a wide variety of features at the cheapest price range. Sometimes users want to enjoy listening to music and watching movies through their Airpods.

So, If you are looking to connect Apple AirPods with Dell laptops, do not worry about it. Here we have shown how you can connect your laptop to the Apple Airpods

How To Connect AirPods To A Dell Laptop?

It’s good to enjoy music with the AirPods, but if you want to share it with your friend or colleague who is sitting by your side then there must be a method for connecting the Dell laptop and Apple Airpods. So here we will tell you how can easily connect Airpods to dell laptops.

  1. Turn On Your Dell Laptop’s Bluetooth
  2. Put your AirPods in its case
  3. Press and hold the small button on the back of the case for 5 sec
  4. The light inside the case will start blinking white
  5. Go to laptops Bluetooth setting
  6. Click Add Device > Select Your Airpods > Click connect/pair
  7. You are set to go

Now you have successfully connected your Airpods to dell laptop, enjoy the immersive experience and share amazing feedback with us.

why won’t my airpods connect to my dell laptop?

Somehow if you failed to connect your Airpods to dell laptop then it can happen due to pairing issue, you may didn’t hold the small button on the back of the case for long enough resulting in the pairing mode on your Airpod didn’t turn on properly. Also, if not the case then follow the other steps below to solve this problem:

  • Make sure your dell laptop’s Bluetooth is on
  • Check if your AirPods is fully charged or not
  • Restart Both Devices
  • Hard reset your Apple Airpod

FAQs On Connecting Your AirPods To Your Dell Laptop

What if my Airpods are not connecting with Dell Laptop even after following all the steps above?

In this situation, please check if your laptop Bluetooth is turned on. If your laptop Bluetooth is turned on and Airpods are still not connecting with the Dell Laptop, then please restart both your laptop and Bluetooth device.

How can I pair Apple Watch with my Dell Laptop?

Ans: Just like Airpods, Apple Watch also needs to be charged first. Turn on the Bluetooth of your laptop and keep it discoverable. Launch the Bluetooth settings on your Dell Laptop, select Apple Watch from the list of devices available and click the Pair option.

Will my AirPods work as smoothly if I connect them to a Dell laptop?

No, an Apple device is designed to work perfectly with Apple products. Some features of AirPods might not be available if it is being used on a non-Apple device.

Will my AirPods lose battery faster if I connect them to my Dell laptop?

No, your AirPods will not lose battery faster if they are being used on a non-Apple device. However, this might happened further since both devices are not directly compatible with each other. But you will not see any huge drops.

Can I charge my AirPods from a Dell Laptop?

Yes, you can directly charge your AirPods from a Dell laptop using a USB port.

Can I connect multiple devices at a time to my Dell Laptop?

Yes, you can connect multiple devices to your Dell laptop at a time. But, one USB port is used by both the devices i.e. Dell Wireless Mouse and AirPods so users need to use separate ports for these two devices or un-pair them while connected with other wireless devices like a keyboard or Bluetooth speaker, etc.

How do I remove the Airpods pairing from my Dell Laptop?

Ans: You can remove the pairing from your Dell laptop by going to ”Bluetooth” on your Dell Laptop and selecting the “Forget Device” option under ”Other Devices”.