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Amazon Astro Robot Released: Is it worth it?

The precedented prophecy of numerous movies and fiction that robots will take over the world and replace the human regime- may not have come true yet. Nevertheless, robots must sure take over the typical household soon because of the unprecedented addition of modern science- the new Amazon Astro Robot.

This is the first version of the upcoming future when maybe all the household chores- beginning from cooking to opening the door, will be done by superficial robots.

Thus exciting dawn of a new era begins hand in hand with the Amazon Astro.

Amamzon Astro Features 

The imagination had no bounds when we used to play with toy robots in childhood. Nevertheless, there now is an actual robot dedicatedly designed to help those who want to have an eye on their home or a particular part of it, even when they are not around. 

The Amazon Astra is a robot to monitor your place remotely. It is equipped with an advanced AI system and so many unique features.

Intelligent Motion: One of the fantastic things about the Amazon Astro is its AI system has a very advanced navigating system. It goes around the house and creates a map, which it uses to navigate around the place on the owner’s command.

Remotely Controllable: The Amazon Astra can be controlled and commanded via an app. One of the first things while setting up the device is to sync it with the app.
It can be sent to check on a particular point of the house for having this incredible feature.

Voice Command: This device has the Alexa feature- which recognises the owner’s voice and can be commanded verbally. If the user wants to send a drink from the kitchen to the living area- it is possible to make Amazon Astra carry the glass just using a voice command.

VoiceView: There is a Voice View feature that allows the user to implement gestures to command the robot and a small verbal conversation with the robot.

HD Camera: Amazon Astra has a periscope that comes out from the top of its shaft when needed or commanded. This periscope is equipped with high-quality cameras capable of providing a clear view of the house to the user, even wirelessly.

Privacy Protection: In case any user feels the voice command or the camera features are too much for one’s privacy, then he or she can manually turn them off. There are buttons on the head of the robot and also have options on the app to mute it and turn off the cameras.

Spectacular Alarm System: In the absence of its user, the Amazon Astra can roam around the house using its smart motion technology. If it notices any unusual sound or sees any unknown face around- it sends an alarm notification to the owner immediately.

Versatile Accessibility: As the robot already has the Alexa feature- its owner can easily enable Alexa captioning and closed captioning. They also can magnify the screen and choose any colour from the colour correction menu.

This robot is not even widely available yet for commercial purposes yet it has so many outstanding features. It can be easily derived that, with time, there will be more addition to this list.

Amazon Astro Specs

Excited yet! Wait, there are more things to know. Let’s have a look at the specs of this robot.

Dimension: The Amazon Astra has two parts- one is the robot itself, and the other one is a charger. The robot comes in a size of 16.7 x 9.8 x 17.3 inches, whereas the charger’s dimension is about 11 x 10.4 x 5 inches.

Weight: Considering all the great features it comes with, it has a pretty liteweight compared to that. The robot separately weighs about 20.6 lbs, and the charger weighs about 3.9 lbs.

Extendable Periscope: The periscope that is supposedly the eye of the robot is extendable to the extent of 42 inches above the floor.

High-quality Camera: We’ve called the periscope its eye because it is equipped with high-quality cameras. The periscope has 1080p bezel cameras with 5MP and can provide as wide as a 132° diagonal field view.

HD Display: Its display is its interface. The touchscreen display is about 10.1 inches and offers as high as 1280 x 800 in resolution.

Battery: The Amazon Astra comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which takes about 45 minutes to be fully charged once.

Processor: The processor is considered to be the vital force of any given electronic device and the Amazon Astra seems to be acing in this area. 

In total, the whole device carries four processors- two Qualcomm QCS605, one Qualcomm SDA660 and an Amazon AZ1 neural edge.

Audio: It has an advanced 2.1 audio system, which is equipped with two 55 mm full range front-firing speakers and one bass radiator.

WiFi: The advanced wifi facility is what makes it possible for the owner to have access to and control the robot remotely. This product offers the user a highly efficient dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wifi connectivity.

USB: Amazon Astra comes with a built-in USB-C port.

All these great specs are sure to amaze any curious human mind and make them want to have one of these superficial household robots.


The main criteria of any product have always been its application and usage. 

Which, in the case of Amazon Astra is to take any household security to the utmost level possible and give a hand with some simple tasks.

It works as an agent of the owner in the house in their absence and helps them have a look if necessary. By chance, any intruders happen to enter the house; it will identify the unusual activity and let the user know about the situation.

This is the job the security guards have been doing up until now, but it seems like Amazon Astra will do the same job in a more effective way.


The Amazon Astra is yet in the experimental phase.

They can be purchased invite-only and costs about 1000$ per unit.

Why should you take it?

All these features and specs may sound very promising and impressive, but it is a question worth asking- should you take it?

Well, this is not an issue of ethics, perhaps from the individual perspective. A few matters should be taken into account before deciding, and they are- the price and the efficiency.

It is surprisingly expensive and yet in the experimental phase.

If one even gets to buy the product, there will be no surety that it will be effective to a reliable degree.

So, if you are someone who can care less about a thousand bucks and is also very curious to have a personal robot- then you may take it.

Nevertheless, if you care about the money then, you perhaps should rethink before finalizin the decision.


The Amazon Astra has a lot of advantages.

  • It assures the user that someone has an eye on their property in their absence.
  • It makes it easier to take care of simple matters like carrying something small from one room to the other.
  • The robot itself is a fascinating object.

Little disadvantages

Along with the advantages, the Amazon Astra also has some slight disadvantages.

  • It is still in the experimental phase. So, no assurance about its efficiency.
  • People with pets in the house are supposed to have problems coping with them together.


The Amazon Astra may not be the full-proof product that can take down one’s stress about leaving their valuable property at risk for long hours every day, but it sure is more reliable than all the other existing alternatives.

It may have some issues but be assured that with time it will become more efficient and more reliable.

Altogether, this is an important leap toward the future of the general human lifestyle- it is a milestone of a new rising epoch.