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Alexa Red Ring Of The Death Fixed

Alexa red ring of death is one of the major issues for an echo device. Most of the users are blank about the problem. An echo device is working for a long time without any single issue. But all of a sudden, it started showing blinking and the red light gives the feeling of an alarm. This is quite frustrating if your device when needed. Every time it is not a dead echo device, but a faulty one. Instead of replacing a device solve the issue. But just relax, you can easily solve the issue by following a few steps. Our article will help you if you are confused about what to do.

What does An Alexa red ring mean?

The Alexa red ring of death means the device is not getting a signal from the wifi router or its owner. Maybe the power switch is turned off or the wifi connection is not connected to your devices. You need to understand that your Alexa needs proper care as it is showing a red signal. But do not worry much, it will be cured easily.

Reasons For Alexa Red Ring Of Death

There are several reasons behind any device acting oddly. Outdated software, microphone errors, and power connection errors could be the reasons for Alexa’s red ring of death. Sometimes it shows up two or three times, blinking. This is not an issue. If you see continuous blinking, take proper steps. Your device will work for a long time again if you can find the root of the problem.

WiFi connection error

If your Alexa echo device is not getting an internet connection to play, it will show an error. The red light will blink continuously. If there are too many metal objects or other devices that release signals, you, Alexa, will share a red signal, as it needs a clear and stable connection to work.

Power supply error

If your Alexa is not getting the proper power supply, it will show the death ring. On the other hand, if you do not start the device properly, the Alexa will show a red ring of death.

Microphone error

Due to set-up issues or any obstacles, the Alexa will not get your command and will show the red light of death. Either the receiver or sender, both sensors have issues.

Outdated software

As technology is being updated, we need to update our devices. In every single update, there could be some changes. Maybe the change is slight, but it will still follow your command. If your device’s software and firmware are outdated, it won’t work.

Device error

Sometimes we use a device continuously. This is harmful to electrically powered devices. Just like we can’t remain awake all the time, we need rest and a break. Some cached cookies will be there on the device. The device could be overheard due to overuse.

How To Fix The Alexa Red Ring Issue?

The Alexa shows the red ring light due to several issues. Sometimes the new device will show the error as well as the old one. Instead of panicking, you must follow a few steps:

  1. Restart the full devices and do a factory reset to get them working. It will help to clear all the caches and cookies. You can also restart the wifi router to restart the full system in a new way.
  2. Check if the wifi connection is OK or not. Try to keep the wifi devices and Alexa Echo devices together for the best work. If needed, reconnect the wifi again to work properly.
  3. Press the power button for a while to reboot. This traditional system works faster than any other thing. After restarting, check whether the red light is still there or not.
  4. Update the related software and firmware of the devices. Some updates may contain a few bugs, which can be easily resolved by updating the software.
  5. Keep the device protected from dust and water. Dust and water could damage a device internally.
  6. Keep the device in a higher place, from where you can command it well and hear it as well.
  7. Do not keep any obstacles in front of the Alexa echo ring. An object creates an invisible wall, so the device does not listen to your command or mishear it.
  8. Set up the Alexa echo device again if it is showing the red ring of death. Sometimes, the setting error is hidden behind the blinking red light the whole day.
  9. Check the power switch to see if it is on. Sometimes, you may forget to press the power button.
  10. With the help of an expert, check the circuit breaker of your Alexa. A small screw or jack could be the reason for showing the red signal.

How to take care of an Alexa Echo?

To prevent your device from not blinking the red light, you should take care of your device. When you buy a new one, set the device to follow the manual. Maintain software updates. Do not overuse the device. Clear the device regularly so that dust can’t damage it internally. Do not use the device when the power supply or internet connection is poor. Lastly, do not force it to start if the software is outdated.


The Alexa Echo is an essential device for our day-to-day life. If you are alone at home, it is like your best companion. As the human body needs proper care to live, Alexa needs fuel to run. If your Alexa is not in form and has a red ring of death, try to resolve it. The red ring blinking is not indicating that it’s dead, it’s saying your Alexa has a few problems, just solve them. You can easily resolve the issues by restarting, rebooting, changing the power connection or wifi connection, and clearing the microphone point. If your Alexa is showing such an error, just follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy your favorite rhythm of life.