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4 Antenna Router Positioning: Everything You Need To Know

You may not have put much thought into router positioning, but it is actually something you should handle with consideration. A 4 antenna router is surely not as compatible as a 2 or single antenna router. It takes a bit more space. The antenna on such routers is arranged differently as well. In a 4 antenna router, 2 antenna goes straight up, and 2 goes at 45-degree angles. 

But where do you put it? It would be best to position a 4 antenna router in the middle of the building or the space you want to cover. Try to keep the router as high as possible. However, this is not as simple as you might think. There are a few more factors that ensure proper signal strength. Check out the rest of this article to know everything about them.

Positioning A Four Antenna Router Properly

A 4 antenna router surely gives the best coverage. But if you don’t position it in the appropriate place, you won’t get the service you are hoping for. Wrong positioning can interrupt the internet connection, hampering your online activity. But knowing certain simple things can drastically enhance your experience.

Here you will get to know what those things are. Maintaining these points will certainly give you a satisfying result.

1. Antenna Angle 

As you already know, the router antenna can be adjusted any way you want. In the case of a 4 antenna router, the two middle antennas should be straight up, while the two antennas on either side should be adjusted to 45-degree angles. This will expand the coverage of the router to the maximum level.

2. Avoid Problematic Material

Concrete iron grids usually block internet signals. So it’s better if you place the router away from such walls. Try placing it at the top of a wall in the middle point of your house. This will allow your router’s range to cover the whole area. 

3. Choose A Clean Place

It is important to keep the router clean. Dust and dirt can clog up inside the router, damaging its internal component. If you place the router somewhere where there is tons of dust or where bugs are frequently seen, your router will stop working soon.

4. Aim For High

Place the router as high as possible. The least you can do is place your 4 antenna router on a table. But my recommendation is to hook it up at the top of the wall if possible.

And never place a router near a basin or a water source. This will destroy your router even before you know it.

5. Avoid Reflective Surface

No matter where you put your router never put it near a reflective surface. Interestingly, routers will block wifi signals if any reflective surfaces are nearby. In this case, the signal will be blocked toward the direction of the reflective surface. For example, if there is a mirror on the right of your router, you won’t get much coverage on that side.

Maintaining these points will ensure maximum data coverage, stable wifi performance, and good router health as well. 


You have obviously chosen a 4 antenna router to get the best internet speed and wide coverage. But positioning it in the wrong way will disappoint you. There are tons of significant and insignificant factors that influence the router’s performance. Fortunately, you can ensure the best, strongest wifi signal by yourself now that you know everything about 4 antenna router positioning. Just follow each point carefully and accordingly, and that would be all.